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FOX has admittedly done some pretty good stuff with their X-Men family tree, except those branches of boredom and misery that don't do the overall franchise any justice. The weakest of all would be the spinoff(s) that need som serious rehearsal, though I have my faith in Tim Miller's Deadpool. Previously on X-Men spinoff(s), we were entitled to yet another Wolverine solo with arguably the same mistakes undertaken the first time around, only more customized and seemingly watchable. Now here's precisely what went wrong in the process.

1. World War II after World War III?

X-Men: First Class was stated to be a quasi-reboot in the fair sense that it didn't align with the original continuity but revived the franchise with another timeline and took advantage of its one major lead, Wolverine, in a scene stealing cameo that still ranks among the best of all time. On top of developing a solid backstory of two protagonists and their opinions on being amongst or against the rest of the world, the one thing that yet again associated the ensemble with the real world was the crazy coincidental setup to a potential world war III which would mean a new evolution to the mutant kind. It's quite agreeable that a new chapter after the events of The Last Stand featuring World War II in the past just doesn't live up to most expectations.

2. It was erased from the continuity in less than one year of existence!

While it should be a good thing that several complexities no longer exist, one might fall under the impression that a movie with only enough sense to have an interesting post credit scene isn't worth watching after all.

3. The best scene just wasn't long enough.

It was a swift paced adrenaline rush but everyone wished they had more of it in the movie.

4. Its cartoon-ish showdown just doesn't align with the cartoons.

What I'm trying to say is it delivers up to a scale of immense goosebumps until it has everything squandered with Wolverine remaining as the vulnerable weak ling he always was in the entire movie, discount Viper from the equation. He's basically this broken man who doesn't see an end to his pain, and having to sit through the same context with very little substance otherwise seems to be a real pain in the neck. Heck, the classic originals actually referred to as cartoons are what we really need in this regard.

5. It's part of the already messed up timeline and eventually a setup to Days Of Future Past.

It happens in between the release of First Class which was positively received and reviewed and the timeline hybrid that rectifies the equation once and for all, or at least for the future of the franchise. Perhaps Old Man Logan could give it another shot but it's reasonable enough that Wolverine needn't stand alone in a standalone.

6. The love interest storyline makes very little sense.

Wolverine apparently finds interest in the real bad guy's daughter who apparently is already stuck up between two random guys and in the end, he decides to leave her anyway. Besides, his only real priority in the movie was Jean Grey.


If there was one thing Wolverine Origins did to strengthen up the character if not the already squandered movie, it was the introduction of Adamantium. Then it was all gone and people wondered how he got them back in DOFP. Well at least it was rectified in the revisited timeline so we needn't have to know all that much about how he might have figured out another way.

What do you think? Was the Wolverine, regardless of its weaknesses, still pretty apt for an average moviegoer or yet ANOTHER bloated mess in the X-Men spin-off gallery?


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