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So the new 'Rocky' spinoff movie 'Creed' comes out soon. In light of what seems like a great continuation of the 'Rocky' franchise there will most likely be a sequel. Now we all know that this movie no longer has Rocky as the main character but he takes a back seat to Michael. B Jordan's Adonis Creed. So if we had a sequel what would be a good plot?

In my opinion, Rocky will and should have a big part to play in the forming of Adonis Creed as a boxer and there needs to be controversy along the way. In a sequel, I would like to see Rocky's son make a tribute to his dad by actually stepping into the ring. Now this will create a little bit of tension in the Creed camp because Rocky will have to choose between the boy he trained or the boy he brought up now ultimately I don't know who he would choose, hopefully his son. Now unfortunately Apollo Creed is dead so we can't have him coming in to teach is son so the next best person would of course be the man who trained his dad Tony "Duke" Evers. The other big question is who would play Rocky Jnr

Jake Gyllenhall

Pretty obvious one after playing a boxer in 'Southpaw' we have seen how good he is as a boxer and how much he can look like Rocky. He's a great actor and will allow some experience in this type of movie and would be my number one choice

Grant Gustin

Here me out here, so we know he's been told to muscle up for flash and how about killing two birds with one stone. At the start of the first Rocky movie Sly Stallone was pretty skinny and in about the same shape as Grant Gustin now. The really big problem is he's untried in this field of work, 'Flash' is a little bit of fighting but not enough to say he's as hard core as someone for Rocky build. Using Grant Gustin would bring it round full circle and truly feel like the original Rocky film.

Truly though, Jake Gyllenhall is the only actor who could truly complete the role of Rocky Jnr. If you can imagine at the end of Creed, having the 'Everest' version of Jake Gyllenhall, jump down off a chin-up bar and put on his dad's old pair of gloves, it would set up a whole set of movies to come.

Who else could play, Rocky Jnr?

Would you even like to see Rocky Jnr step foot in a ring?

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