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Well Marvel Studios just released their first trailer for Civil War couple of hours ago and it was epic and to recap everything let's just take a look at it once before we go into the details alright.

For a 1st trailer it was pretty great but there are some details that you people might have missed so let's do some trailer analysis starting from the obvious ones then gradually moving into the less obvious ones.........

Falcon AKA Sam Wilson Has Big Role In This Film

From the looks and sounds of the trailer it looks like Falcon will have a really big supporting role in this movie because he was there all the time alongside Captain America in this trailer.

Black Widow Is On Neutral Ground

Even though it sounds like she has sided herself with the government It does look like Black Widow is trying to pacify and persuade Captain America peacefully as she's a close friend of him.

Bucky Barnes Is A Central Plot Element

The government wants him as he was a dangerous assassin working against USA (as the brain washed Winter Soldier) and Tony Stark AKA Iron Man also wants him as Bucky Barnes assassinated Tony's parents, so everybody needs a piece of him and his best bud for life Steve Rogers wants to save his friend.

Sokovia Accords Is The MCU's Equivalent of Marvel Comics' Superhero Registration Act

In the comics we had Superhuman Registration Act which caused the civil war as the act needed superheroes to reveal their identities and work as government agents under the supervision and command of US Government.

Sokovia Accords is a slightly tweaked concept, it still retains the part where superheroes are required to work under the supervision and command of the government as agents but there are no "reveal the secret identities" aspect because almost every hero in MCU is public.

Gen. Ross From The Incredible Hulk Is Back With A Mission

If you watched The Incredible Hulk (2008) you would have recognized this guy, he was fiercely working against Hulk and had a mountain sized ego and generally despises superheroes.

Now he's back in the show to end the superhero trouble once and for all with Sokovia Accords, he may very well be the leader or one among the high level guy in Sokovia Accords.

Another Avengers Facility?

We got a glimpse of Avengers Academy from Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant Man But this building pictured above looks different from the Academy shown in those two movies.

Is it the Sokovia Accords funded Avengers facility for the super heroes working with the government or is it just another facility Steve Rogers has for his New Avengers?

Team Cap Getting Arrested?

You could clearly see a bunch of police and military officers storming the building where Captain America and Falcon were and they are just taking away Cap's shield!

What's The Exact Role of Black Panther?

We know Black Panther has sided himself with team Iron Man but why would a diplomat and heir to a kingdom of another nation join the political affairs outside of his nation, considering how his nation Wakanda has a strict "No Interference code" with outside world.

He's being fiercely chased by Captain America here as well and he's kicking Bucky's ass, his inclusion in this film is a mystery but I can say for sure there's a heavy political angle to his role in this film, maybe a political subplot involving Vibranium alloy, a metal that is exclusively available only on his nation.

Is War Machine Dead?

I don't think so, I just think he's fatally wounded and unconscious in this scene because why would they want to give away such a dramatic scene in their first trailer itself.

Maybe he dies latter on or he does meet his death in this scene but one thing is for sure, Russo Bros are smart asses when it comes to editing trailers, there's a lot of misdirection in their Captain America The Winter Soldier trailers.

Looks Like Capt. America indeed Wins The Fight Against Iron Man!

This ending shot with Capt. America and Bucky Barnes vs Iron Man was brilliant from fight choreography perspective because they are trapping a long range opponent in a confined fight arena limiting his scope of effective combat and combat isn't really a thing of Tony Stark as well but here's the interesting detail,

Notice the background (walls) in the last two images, it looks like when Cap is saying "Sorry know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice.....but he's my friend" does it mean Captain wrecks Iron Man, NO never make that connection it's a cleverly edited sequence to misdirect you! But I do believe Captain will win in this movie because well, it's Captain America 3!!!

Captain America Is A Superhuman Beast!

He's stopping a damn chopper from taking off with his BARE HANDS, it's not something a human being in his peak potential could pull off, so never ever come up with that lame ass argument of saying "Captain America is just a guy in the pinnacle of human potential" no he has clearly demonstrated superhuman level of strength, durability, endurance and speed inside Marvel Cinematic Universe (Not in 616 comics universe but inside MCU) don't believe me? take a look at this then,

He just laid waste to that chopper even without his shield!

Team Capt. America Are On An Arc Reactor Hunt Fest!

Remember when War Machine was lying down unconscious, take a look again the arc reactor was ripped right out of his armor.

Similarly in the Cap and Bucky vs Iron Man fight Bucky is viciously reaching out for the arc reactor to pull it out

So what's the significance behind this, I think this is the way to shut down Iron Man armor(s) and thus they are targeting that weakness.

Villain Crossbones Makes An Appearance

Take a close look you can see Frank Grillo's Crossbones back there behind those soldiers, he's said to be the henchman of Baron Zemo, the main villain of this movie.

There's A High Impact Chase Sequence

From the trailer we can understand that there is a chase sequence involving Cap, Bucky and Black Panther with a couple of soldiers post freeing Bucky, we do know why the soldiers are chasing them but I think we gotta wait for from time to know why Black Panther is also after Bucky Barnes.

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