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So Long In The Waiting

My first analysis when I saw the trailer for the first time today was "Hang on... This took ages for the trailer to come out, even with all the hype around it!" Then once I saw the trailer I was like "Holy crap, this looks like the best Marvel movie to come out since... EVER!"


When the trailer started I saw the beginning and instantly recognised it as the second end credit sequence in Ant-Man. As it continued on I was slowly but surely getting more and more excited about the movie, until my excitement exploded into EXTREME EXCITEMENT when I saw black panther in the trailer.

Black Panther
Black Panther

My excitement grew and grew for the rest of the trailer. The scene where Captain America is pulling at the helicopter was especially interesting and left me wondering what got him into that situation. But the biggest highlight of the trailer was undoubtedly where Bucky and Cap' are beating at Iron Man/Tony Stark. That was a real treat and one that I think was way, way overdue. Even though Cap' and Bucky are standing up clearly and Tony is huddled down further to ground, basically in a squatting position, he is still fighting back with all that he's got.

There was also a lot that was left out of this trailer, that I was disappointed in. That was our first, and may I add well earned, glimpse at Spiderman inaction. We didn't even get to to see peter parker at all. I'm also surprised that we didn't see Ant-Man either.

Who's side are you on?

I guess at the end of the day at this point the most important question is "Who's side are you one?" So tell me. Thank you for reading this article.


Who's Side Are You On?


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