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Some photos of Brad Pitt at the premiere of The Big Short have emerged recently, but it is Brad Pitt's slightly off kilter appearance that is making all of the headlines as opposed to the movie itself.

Sporting a slightly different hairstyle (dare I say borderline curtains?) and some tinted eye-glasses, Pitt was mirroring a look rocked by many of his contemporaries which has led to plenty of humorous comparisons to other famous dudes in his age bracket.

According to Buzzfeed's on point analysis of the subtle image change, Brad appears to have visited:

The same hairdresser as Aaron Sorkin...

Borrowed Robert Downey Jr.'s noble gaze into the distance (and glasses, obvs)

...and visited the same optician as U2's tinted glasses trail blazer, Bono

Or, you know, the less exotic interpretation of plain old Brad Pitt who has had a collision with a very bad stylist.

It's nothing that a hair ruffle and some plain old clear glasses can't fix, but this definitely isn't Brad's best look to date. Oh well, we all have our off days!

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(Source: Buzzfeed)


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