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Kids, teens and young adults of the '00s, it is time to rejoice!

Our favorite brothers from other mothers Josh Peck and Drake Bell are all set to reunite on screen once again.

There is unfortunately one small caveat in all this: the hilarious duo will not be coming together for a reboot of Drake and Josh, as has been on the wish lists of fans and cast members alike ever since Season 5 ended.

A while back, Peck spoke at the ATX Television Festival about a Drake and Josh revival:

“I think people are always sort of begging for some sixth season of ’Drake & Josh.' To just pick it back up without ever acknowledging that there was a 10-year gap might be a little odd — because we definitely put on some years, but if they figured out a really cool fun way to bring back the entire cast and do, I don’t know a three episode mini-series or something, that would be dope. I’ll go work at the movie theater again.
“I’m going to do every scene shirtless and maybe pantless.”

As for that last unexpected comment, I think fans are totally on board for that considering how much of a hot cake Josh Peck has blossomed into.

Shirtless and pantless? We're up for that...
Shirtless and pantless? We're up for that...

However, I'm sure we're still set for something magical, as these guys have on point chemistry like no one else.

If not another 'Drake and Josh,' what's the collaboration?

ETonline was the first to reveal that the Drake Bell is going to guest star in Peck's comedy Grandfathered. Bell will play a gadget fanatic investor named Kirk whom Peck's character Gerald and Christina Milian's character Vanessa are trying to win over with their new app.

The plot line sounds good and if we are in for a bit of luck, maybe producers of the show will satisfy Peck and Bell's fanbases with a nice nod or reference to the show that cemented the duo's status as childhood icons.

So what has Drake been doing?

We all knew Drake was super into music, so I feel like looking at pictures of him now sort of fits with the imagined trajectory I could see him doing. He's dropped a few albums and is also quite active on Twitter, so he's busy doing what he loves and catering for his Drake fans.

And Monsieur Peck?

Peck has transitioned into a hot bod, and no one can get enough. He's also continued his work as an actor, appearing in The Wackness alongside Mary-Kate Olsen and Red Dawn, portraying the character Josh Hutchinson.

I'm so excited for this can you please hug me brotha?

Let's keep our fingers crossed for an actual 'Drake and Josh' reboot.


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