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"Humai is an AI company with a mission to reinvent the afterlife. We want to resurrect the first human within 30 years."

Although the above description looks like a prologue to a new Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi fest, it is in fact a fully legitimate objective by LA start up company, Humai.

From the dawn of civilization to present day, the fantasy of immortality has always been an enchanting topic for scientists and screenwriters alike. Generally, we don't like the idea of death; in fact, many people recoil at the thought of it. This renders the thought of living forever appealing beyond measure.

I'm Not 100% Sure I'm Going to Die

Humai are tapping into developments within science, and they fully believe in their goal. Clients will be able to sign up to potentially extend their lives indefinitely. Humai CEO, Josh Bocanegra, has an interesting perspective on human life. He said:

"I think the body has limitations and I don't believe the body has evolved with the best possible functions.
"I think an artificial body will contribute more to the human experience. It will extend the human experience. So much so, that those who accept death will probably change their mind.”

How Will It Work?

You've probably heard of the expression "there's an app for that." Well, as part of the whole "living forever" project, Humai will create an app to capture every facet of your being. The data will then be collected and held until it can be injected into an artificial you.

The app, which will be released in 2017, will record everything you do. This includes your voice, your personality, behavioral patterns and, most unsettling, presumably your browsing history.

While your brain is contained in a pickle jar in some mad Scientist's laboratory, the team will use nanotechnology to restore its dead cells. Eventually, there will be a "You 2.0" which will be some bastardized hybrid between human and a robot.

Advances in technology will allow the brainwaves from your brain to control and entire, fully functional artificial body. Bocanegra added:

"I don't think of it as fighting death. I think of it as making death optional."

Just to think, some of us struggle to decide what to watch on Netflix. How will we decide whether we should be brought back to life?!

4 Movies That Predict Artificial Intelligence

If this all sounds familiar, it's because it is. Films have envisioned such developments for years. Let's take a look at some below that could, if Humai has its own way, actually become real-life possibilities:

1. 'The Matrix'

The 1999 classic revolved around the idea that our brains could be hooked up to an infrastructure that plants our consciousness into a simulated reality.

If Humai wants to enable our disembodied brains to control an artificial machine, it's not inconceivable our thoughts and emotions could be projected into an artificial world.

2. 'The Terminator'

Imagine if, with your last breath, you could confidently say ,"I'll be back." As well as making friends and family giggle, it would make you (almost) as badass as the Terminator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg assassin was sent from the year 2026 (which is actually earlier than Humai's prediction). Robotic Arnie has living human tissue over his robotic frame... Unless we all want to be reincarnated as human sized Wall-E's, perhaps this is the way to go.

3. 'Ex Machina'

What makes us human? Are we still human if our brains are detached and controlling a robotic body?

Such themes are explored in Alex Garland's Ex Machina, a story about a new breed of human-like artificial intelligence.

4. 'Bicentennial Man'

For whatever reason, a story involving Robin Williams portraying a cute artificial robot didn't really do that well, financially or critically.

However, it's still an enjoyable flick, and it raises some interesting questions on what it means to be alive – and what it means to be able to die.

Almost a role reversal of what Humai is trying to achieve.

Source: IGN


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