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Warning: Potentially huge spoiler ahead, including one of the most popular fan theories from the books, so if you don't want to know anything please stop reading.

Winter is coming.... and if we are to believe the latest Game of Thrones rumors, so is the truth about Jon Snow's parents.

The latest news from Watchers on the Wall, and perhaps the most exciting thing we've read since Ian McShane told everyone he will be bringing someone back for Season 6, is a casting call for a newborn baby. This may not sound that interesting to you, but it could potentially be very very exciting.

While it's not confirmed yet that the casting call is for Game of Thrones, it is posted by the same casting company that takes care of all the Northern Ireland castings for the show. The company, Extras NI, usually includes some information about if it's for a film or a TV show when they post a casting call, but with this particular role they haven't done so, which led many to believe they are trying to be as secretive as possible. Additionally, the baby is needed around the same days they are scheduled to film some scenes in Northern Ireland, so it very likely that this baby is indeed needed for Game of Thrones.

So who is this baby?

To be fair this baby could be anyone, but I would like to believe it's a newborn Jon Snow. They are specifically asking for a baby with brown eyes, which makes me think it's not just a random baby. The parentage of Jon Snow has always been a mystery, and the source of many a fan theory. The most popular fan theory is known as R+L=J, and the theory is that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark's son, but rather the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Lyanna Stark was Ned's sister, and she was allegedly kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen and brought to a place called The Tower of Joy. According to the theory, she was never kidnapped but went willingly because Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love. Ned found her in the Tower of Joy in what is described as "a bed of blood" and she made him promise to do something. What that was is unknown, but those who believe the theory think she made Ned promise to raise Jon as his own child and not tell anyone he is actually a Targaryen, as this would endanger his life.

Other signs

I realize assuming the baby is Jon Snow is quite the long-shot, but there are a few other things that indicate this could be true. For instance, there has been a casting call for a "Young Stunner" which many people believe is Lyanna Stark. The description for the role would definitely suit the theory that Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow's mother.

Aged 18 – 20. A stunner of a brunette. She has a couple of scenes, and a great final scene where there is a major twist.

A major twist, you say? Well, ain't that interestin'. Surely this major twist has to be the revelation of Jon Snow's parents? Of course, it could be something else, but this young stunner sounds a lot like Lyanna Stark if you ask me.

Additionally, the cast and crew of Game of Thrones have been filming some scenes at an unspecified tower, which most fans believe is The Tower of Joy.

Individually these bits of information may not mean so much, but if you combine the brown-eyed baby with the young stunner, a major plot twist, and the mystery tower, it definitely sounds like we will finally get a flashback scene that reveals who Jon Snow's parent really are.

Source: The Watchers on the Wall


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