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Now, if you haven't yet read any Ms. Marvel comic books, don't worry: you still can. The adventures of Kamala Khan – some of the sharpest, warmest, most accessible superhero stories out there – are not only still being published, but older issues can be picked up in collected form in comic book stores everywhere.

The reason I mention this? Kamala Khan is awesome.

What's more, there's a pretty solid chance that we could actually – some day soon – see her join some of her more famous superheroic contemporaries on the small screen. Specifically:

Marvel TV Head Honcho Jeph Loeb Just Revealed That a Ms. Marvel TV Show Is a Possibility

As he put it to E! Online, when asked whether we would be seeing Kamala hit the small screen any time soon:

"Look, that's a character that has tremendous popularity and when that happens you know that I'm always looking around to see what we can do...We love the character, and one never knows."

Which... isn't exactly a sign that Marvel is about to put in a full season order, but it's still pretty darned positive news.

Which is great to hear, seeing as:

Kamala Khan Is Arguably the Most Important Superhero Out There at This Precise Moment in Time

A teenager from a Pakistani-American family, Kamala spends as much of her on-page time dealing with day-to-day life, family expectations, the balancing of faith and modernity and, of course, the hormonal horror that is the years following puberty's onset. In a world beset by misunderstandings regarding young people, Islam, and immigration, what could be more important than a comic book that – in just a few pages – reminds us of something incredibly important: We're all just people, trying to do the best we can... even when we're a superhero.

In the face of growing anti-Islamic sentiment, and – often actively disproved – concerns about the social and economic impact of refugees and migrants, think about how vital to the debate a superhero show about a young Muslim woman from an immigrant family could be. After all, much like the vast, vast majority of Muslims, Christians, Atheists, and people from any other belief system you could possibly think of, Kamala and her family are principally defined by one key thing: They're just good, hard-working people, like any one of us.

And in the face of hate – both from terrorists at home and abroad, and those who would blame innocents of any faith for the actions of those extremists – Ms. Marvel's core message, one of tolerance, equality, and common decency, is one that we could really use a major Marvel TV show sending out to the world.

What do you think, though?

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