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Kevin Bacon has repeatedly stated that he would be interested in returning as Valentine McKee in anything Tremors, and it seems as if our dreams will finally be coming true.

“I’d love to do something else with Tremors and revisit the character 25 years later. Part of what’s great about that movie is there are next to no digital effects. The monsters are done with puppetry, and it’s still off, funny and scary — it’s a cool accomplishment.”



EW reports that Tremors is another franchise that will join the trend of famous movies from the 90's turned TV shows. And I am more than okay with this. Remember this incredibly now-dated trailer for the first film? Please excuse the poor quality.

Universal Cable Television and Blumhouse Productions have hired writer Andrew Miller (The Secret Circle) with Bacon sliding in as an executive producer.

It may seem like the entire story of Tremors could have been told over a span of five films, but it seems like there is much left unknown. The TV series will take us back to Perfection, Nevada, which was the setting for the first Tremors film.

We are still waiting to see whether Fred Ward will also return as Earl Basset, because that would just be the cherry on top.

[Source: Geek Tyrant]


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