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Without giving away any major spoilers, I wasn't quite happy with Claire Temple's role in Jessica Jones (everything else about the series was amazing, mind you) -- so the latest news on Marvel's next Netflix series, Luke Cage, has me nothing short of ecstatic.

A veteran of prestigious award nods, Sonia Braga has officially joined the cast of Luke Cage as Soledad Temple, the mother of Claire Temple (a.k.a. Night Nurse). Jeph Loeb, Executive Producer and Head of Marvel Television, explained what's in store for both Claire (played by Rosario Dawson) and her mother.

A character as strong as Claire needs an equally powerful mother, and with Sonia we found the perfect actress to deliver the stellar performance we needed ... In ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage,’ fans will now get a chance to see where Claire got the fire we love her for.

Despite her smaller role in Jessica Jones, Claire Temple played a huge part in Daredevil -- and now fans will get the chance to see how she became the woman she was. “Sonia Braga? Rosario Dawson? ‘Nuff said. I'm tuning in,” said Executive Producer/Showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker. “When it came to finding someone who was both formidable yet possessed a light touch, Sonia was the perfect choice and has been a Godsend."

"Formidable" is a pretty interesting term to use when it comes to describing the character, who seems to have no major comic book counterpart. Will the Temple women have a happy reunion -- or is there a darker part of their past that we don't know yet?

Marvel's Luke Cage premires in April of 2016.


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