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Prepare to fall in love because this girl is amazing!

If you're not familiar with Paulinha Silva's cosplay skills you are in for a treat. The California-based cosplayer is followed by thousands on Facebook and her well-crafted costumes are truly impressive. Paulinha has a particular talent for combining two characters and creating a brand new one. You can find all her cosplays over on her Facebook page, and here I have created a list of my favorite ones.

1. Slave Anna

Who says you can't combine Frozen and Star Wars? Slave Anna looks incredibly cute, and I would love to see her kick some Jabba the Hutt butt.

2. Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack's contour game has never been stronger, and those eyes are to die for! I don't even care why the rum is gone, who needs alcohol when you can stare at this all day?

3. The Little Mermaid

Ariel has never looked cuter than this. I will definitely stay under the sea if this is what I find there.

4. Captain America

Who knew Steve looked so good in red lipstick!

5. Slave Harley

As if Slave Anna wasn't good enough, here's Slave Harley! I never knew Leia's slave costume was so adaptable, but Paulinha is definitely making it work.

6. Mikasa

Mikasa from Attack on Titan has never looked better, but I have to admit it would have looked even better if she included the scarf. That being said, this still looks super sexy and I have no doubt she could kick some serious Titan ass.

If you want to check out more of Paulinha's work I strongly recommend checking out her Facebook page.

Source: Paulinha Silva on Facebook


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