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Welcome to another week of Fantastic Geeks, a show created by the fans, for the fans! Last week, we asked YOU which TV series or movies deserved to be rebooted, and you answered our call. These are three of our favorite ideas from your suggestions. Check the video below to get the full scoop, but, if videos aren't your thing, then you can also read all the same information below!

Rise of the Reboot

Are reboots a necessary evil? I mean, what would modern cinema be without them? We probably didn’t ask for a lot of them, but do we watch them anyway? Yup. For every great reboot we get like Batman Begins, we’ll get 3 more mediocre remakes. That said, here are 3 of the many franchises that our creators would love to see rebooted.

3. Ocean’s 11

Wow...they all look so young!
Wow...they all look so young!

Okay, you’ve gotta admit, The Ocean’s movies were pretty cool! These were the kinds of movies that made robbing a casino look like a good idea (PSA: Please don’t rob a Casino). And what’s the next reboot trend? All female reboots obviously! While the female version of Ocean’s 11 will no doubt be amazing, Daragh O’ Connor has detailed how another all-male reboot could work as well:

“Picture this.. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Robert Downey Jr. and a young Dylan O'Brien...with a finely written screenplay directed by (David O. Russell)...I reckon it would be better than the original even!”

2. Batman Beyond


We all know that Bruce Wayne can’t be Batman forever. And while a lot of people are waiting for Dick Grayson to dawn the cowl on screen, I’ve got another person in mind: Terry McGinnis. Batman Beyond was arguably the biggest series that left it’s mark on my generation of KidsWB watching kids. Not to mention that intro theme song was beyond badass! How’s it gonna work? Bridget Serdock has got it locked down:

“This needs to either be brought back by the people who brought us Young Justice and Teen Titans or be made into a live action movie. Or both. I'm down with both.”

1. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Let's do the Time Warp again!
Let's do the Time Warp again!

They say you’ll never forget your first time...watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This movie was truly one of a kind - so the mere notion of a remake may sound blasphemous at first. However, Dane Blum (who is also this week’s contest winner) sold the idea pretty well.

“Remaking the film is not to forget what was a brilliantly made instant classic, it's simply giving fans the chance to do the time warp again...There is a significant advance in movie technology allowing the opportunity to revitalize areas where the original may be considered outdated.”

Well put, Dane. Well Put.

Wanna check out more Creator suggestions? Then head over here to see all the movies that people want to see rebooted. And while you’re there, maybe even add your own, you just might find that there are quite a few people who agree with you.

Thanks for watching this weeks Fantastic Geeks, now you know where to find them.


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