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While it is safe to say that not much is known (yet) by the general populace about Zack Snyder and DC Entertainment's forthcoming film Justice League: Part One, it seems that little by little, details are coming out regarding the highly anticipated superhero team-up film. While the film is not expected to release until 2017, comic book fans and moviegoers alike have been thirsty for more information regarding DC's long-awaited answer to The Avengers.

Well, it looks like we finally might have something.

The media website My Entertainment World recently listed a few details regarding upcoming films. Not only does it look like we have a potential villain for Justice League: Part One, but if the description for the film's plot ultimately proves to be accurate, then the big bad will be none other than Darkseid himself.

My Entertainment World released the following plot description:

The world's greatest heroes are assembled to form the Justice League, to combat a threat beyond each individual's capabilities. The story involves Darkseid planning the destruction of Earth by blasting it with a ray that will move Apokolips into Earth’s place.

One of the most feared, dreaded and powerful villains of the DC Universe, Darkseid is essentially a God. Created by Jack Kirby as part of his epic Fourth World storyline, Darkseid first appeared in a cameo in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (November 1970) and made his first full appearance in Forever People #1 (February 1971). He has always been depicted as the ruler of Apokolips, an ecumenopolis with burning fire pits.

Inspired by Adolf Hitler, Darkseid is a jackboot-wearing megalomaniac and warmonger. Like Hitler, he sees every citizen of Apokolips as an extension of the state and himself. His society is highly militant, with children being indoctrinated from a young age (à la Hitler Youth) to be warlike and utterly loyal to him. His goal is to conquer and rule the universe and to eliminate all free will. A primary villain of Superman and a recurring foe of the Justice League, Darksied is a New God who is so evil that he killed his own parents to become the supreme monarch and dictator of Apokolips. With an army of Parademons at his disposal, as well as a myriad of superpowers, he has always been the perfect supervillain for a team of superheroes to unite against. After all, considering the strength of Superman, the villain will have to be big and bad enough for him and his squad of heroes. And no one can be better for that than Darkseid, right?

Wrong. Even though Darkseid being the primary antagonist in the film may sound perfect, there is a major problem that will arise with his inclusion: Darkseid is too big a villain for the Justice League's first outing as a team. No matter how much we try to deny it, this is a fact that we have to face. If Warner Bros. and DC give us Darkseid in Part One, then they will have to work really hard on Part Two. The way I see it, they will have only two solid options if they make Darkseid the villain for Part One. Either they can kill him in the film and then look for a bigger villain for Part Two (which will be a criminal waste of a character like Darkseid), or they can launch a story arc in Part One and conclude it in Part Two. Either way, it is not going to be easy.

And not to mention the fact that the Justice League will not be nearly developed or experienced enough to face a villain like Darkseid. By the time Part One hits theatres in 2017, we will have been properly introduced to only three members of the Justice League; namely, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Although Aquaman and Cyborg are confirmed to appear in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it has been said that they are involved in a minimal capacity. But even if we consider their roles in BvS to be enough for them to appear in Part One, there will still be two integral members of the team who we will see for the first time in Part One (since it has been confirmed that there will be seven members of the Justice League): The Flash and Green Lantern. Does that not seem like a potential problem? With a film that will potentially already have so much to do, adding the burden of introducing and developing two completely new characters who are extremely important to the story seems like a terrible idea. It will be much more beneficial for Warner Bros. and DC to start out with a comparatively smaller villain for the film and then introducing Darkseid in Part Two, by which time all of the primary characters will have been introduced and properly developed.

Regardless of these problems, the possibility of Darkseid as the main villain of the film makes the stakes pretty high, and if the creative team behind the film can find a right way to balance everything, then the film will definitely be spectacular.

Do you think that Darkseid would be a suitable choice for Justice League: Part One and would you like to see him in the film? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, look forward to Justice League: Part One and Justice League: Part Two hitting theatres on November 17, 2017 and June 14, 2019, respectively.


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