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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

There's so much stuff to hunt down in Fallout 4, it's sometimes incomprehensible, but in the best of ways! I love stalking the cracked roads of the wasteland, searching every nook and cranny for hubflowers or a vital piece of copper. Because I'm a massive hoarder IRL, but whatever.

But, saying that, there is one thing, or a thing that comprises of six different things, that has stayed firmly out of my grasp until now: power armor. I mean, I have one vanilla piece of armor that I cherish like a sawn-off shotgun with 100 damage and 7 rounds, but there are so many different sets and pieces dotted around Boston that I'm yet to discover.

Until now, fellow Sole Survivor, because the legendary redditor Guapscotch has posted a map that details the location of every suit of power armor in FO4, and it is magnificent and saves a shed load of time. Not if you don't fast travel obviously.

Check it out:

The reddit thread, in all of its infinite wisdom, also insists that instead of encumbering yourself with different power armors, hand one over to your humanoid companion, and get them to equip the armor. Not only will they be considerably more protected, they won't use up any of the fusion fuel which is a damn miracle!

So, happy hunting. The wasteland never saw you coming.

(Source: Reddit)


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