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Like you see, the beast is huge, maybe 10 feet long. Glowing eyes and...

Big ass claws. The beast is the new big bad. Scott already has to deal with getting his pack back, fighting the dread doctors and watching out for Theo's next step. But this Beast is stronger than everything named. Who's going to defeat that? But it looks like that's not the only problem here. Theo wants to steal the Beast his powers. We can't let that happen! Theo needs to become better, i agree, but he can't be something like that. He has to become a real werewolf.

Then we know this, tha are dead bodies and it has to do with...

The Hellhound, Jordan Parrish. He will figure out his powers, but first what are his powers? The Hellhound is a beast that can't die, Jeff teased that the Hellhound looks awesome. But is Parrish really changing into a full Hellhound? We have to wait. But with The Beast vs The Hellhound, we got the battle of Hell. With those murders, more than 50 people are dead, maybe more than 300. That's a real hell. With Scott fighting for everything. And Coach back, Chris Argent back, Gerard back, Deucalion back, Meredith back and more surprises will come. Cody Saintgnue teased us that "There are people back from the past" Saintgnue couldn't say what people or what season they're from. But according to Ryan's Blog Teen Wolf will reunite 8 people that weren't in season 5A, Coach, Chris, Gerard, Deucalion, Meredith are 5 people, possibly Isaac, Derek and Jackson are back.

Colton Haynes left LA while Teen Wolf was shooting Episode 18, but Colton was in LA when Teen Wolf was shooting just Episode 14, so maybe he was already shooting 17,18,19 and 20. Isaac has been in LA since Teen Wolf was filming Episode 12, Derek is back in LA since 3 weeks ago for a break.

I don't know what will happen, but u better tune in for Teen Wolf when season 5B begins on January 5, 2016.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes, i hadn't a lot of time to check them out.


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