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We've known for a long time now that the anti-hero Punisher / Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) and Daredevil's sometime lover/sometime nemesis Elektra Natchios (Elodie Yung) are set to appear in Netflix's Daredevil Season 2. More recently we discovered that villain-turned-hero Gladiator / Melvin Potter is also making an appearance portrayed by Matt Gerald, though exactly how Gladiator-y he'll be remains to be seen.

But what about other classic Daredevil villains? Last season we had arch-rival the Kingpin / Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) as the central villian, and whilst show-runner Marco Ramirez has described the upcoming season as "Daredevil vs. the Punisher" there's bound to be some supporting villains kicking about too. So aside from Elektra and possible-Gladiator, here's two other big names that we think would fit well into the Marvel Cinematic Universe Daredevil.

Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary (Mary Walker) is a professional criminal, martial artist and sometime assassin with the powers of telekinesis and pyrokinesis. She also has multiple personalities, suffering as she is from dissociative identity disorder. The personalities manifest as:

  • Mary - the "normal" personality, Mary is peaceful, quiet and shy
  • Typhoid - the Typhoid personality is sexual, bold and violent, but not so much as...
  • Bloody Mary - the most dangerous, Bloody Mary is a brutal and sadistic man-hater.

She's linked to Daredevil / Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) from an incident which occurred during his very early days as a vigilante. When pursuing a criminal to a brothel Murdock was attacked by the girls working there, including Mary. During the struggle he accidentally knocked her from a window, and at this time she became Typhoid Mary, claiming that no man would ever be allowed to hurt her again.

Typhoid Mary would be an apt character to introduce in Daredevil Season 2 because she's not just a villain, she's also a love interest of Daredevil's for a time in her Mary personality. After Matt's convoluted romance with Claire Temple / Night Nurse (Rosario Dawson) last season and the introduction of Elektra in Season 2, bringing in Typhoid Mary could make for an interesting dynamic change for both Daredevil and Matt Murdock himself.


This is a bit of an obvious one perhaps, but no less pertinent. The psychopathic Bullseye is a master assassin who possesses an obsessive hatred of his arch enemy Daredevil and will stop at nothing to take him down.

Despite his arch nemesis role Bullseye doesn't actually have any superpowers as such; rather as "The Man Who Never Misses" he's a master assassin and marksman, able to utilise almost anything to hit his target. In addition to being proficient in the use of bladed weapons he can also use objects like pencils and playing cards as a lethal weapon and he (almost) never misses his mark.

Season 2 would be a great time to introduce Bullseye to the Daredevil MCU because now is also when Elektra is being introduced. We don't yet know how long Elektra is going to stick around, but as Daredevil fans will know one of Bullseye's most villainous moments is when he kills Elektra (it's okay though, it's a comic book so she doesn't stay dead very long).

This is made more likely by the fact that it has been suggested before that Bullseye would make an appearance, showrunner Steven DeKnight previously mentioned that he wanted to bring in both Elektra and Bullseye, and Jason Statham was in talks earlier this year about signing on as Bullseye but those fell through.

We know Elektra is definitely appearing, and though there hasn't been any new news about Bullseye recently that doesn't mean we're giving up hope just yet... And let's be honest, the character needs a second chance after Colin Farrell's turn in the Daredevil movie... (Sorry Farrell).


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