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Hello to everyone! As you know the trailer of "[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)" came out and it AMAZING!! And I'm going to analysis this trailer with 2 parts. Today the first part, and next week the second.

Let's begin:

  • The first scene (0:06 - 0:10)

Hmm, this place looks familiar. Oh yes! it's the post credit scene from Ant-man! We learned from this scene that Captain America and Falcon already against Iron-man, and than Falcon is about to tell about Ant-man.

  • Bucky remember! (0:11 - 0:20)

Cap ask Bucky if remember him, and than Bucky says: "Your mom's name was Sarah. You used to wear newspapers in your shoes."

It really nice moment to see how Bucky remember his old best friend.

  • Some people want to kill Bucky (0:21 - 0:28)

So there is a hunt on Bucky, maybe it's the goverment or Hydra

  • An attack on building (0:21 - 0:23)

We can see a huge explosion in a building, maybe ths people who want to kill Bucky think he explode the bulding.

  • Crossbones? (0:27)

It looks like the people who hunting Bucky working with Crossbones, this maybe means that Crossbones still working on Hydra or the goverment made him to work for them.

It looks like Crossbones
It looks like Crossbones

  • Hydra or Government violence? (0:27)

In this shot we can also see a dead guard and many smoke in the entrance. If this actually Hydra is would normal do them to break to places, but what if this the government?

It would be very strange to break into a place, kill all the guards just for catch someone (even if it a terrorist). The govermebt can simply to inform the guards that there is a terrorist hidingin in the building and let his people to enter the building.

  • Cap helps Bucky to escape (0:28 - 0:33)

Cap of course want Bucky to stay alive so he helping him to escape.

  • Big jump (0:33 - 0:35)

Bucky escape from the building by jumping to another. It looks like a really big distance, but maybe with his robotic hand he will succeed to make it, or Falcon will fly to him and catch him.

  • General Ross is back (0:42 - 0:43, 0:50 - 0:51)

Finally our not so favorite General back to the MCU after the "incredible Hulk". It seems that General Ross working with the goverment. There was rumor that he will turn into the red Hulk (like in the comics) but I don't sure it will happen.

  • Cap fighting with Bucky's "hunters" (0:44 - 0:47)

So the fight with the Bucky's "hunters" going to happen not just in the building, but also outside. Maybe there we going to how Cap fight Crossbones.

  • One of Avengers's buildings (0:48)

We get too see one of The Avengers buildings, maybe it's a new base for the new Avengers.

  • Some references to Avengers 2 (0:58)

For one second we can see that a big document which called: "Sokovia Accords". From the name we can conclude that Sokovia did something like rules about superheroes in her country, after all the damage which happend in "Avengers: Age of Ultron". I'm sure Ross gave Black Widow the document in the scene where he was talking.

  • Black Widow isn't on Cap's side (1:00 - 1:13)

- Black Widow: I know how much Bucky means to you, but stay away from this one, please, you'll only make this worse.

-Captain America: You saying you are arrest me?

From this short conversation, we can understand that Black Widow is on govermet's side, and she is trying to convince Cap to stop heiping Bucky because she doesn't want to fight him. This is also sad, because in "Captain America: Winter Solider", Cap and Black Widow get really close (as friends).

So this the first part of the Anaysis! I hope you like it, and the next part will come out about next week (even sooner).

Thank you for reading! If you liked the article click on the heart down the page, and if you want to read the next part or to read some theories also about the movie, you can follow.



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