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We had a little conversation with Cody Saintgnue today.

So you're back on Teen Wolf this season?

Cody: Yes, i am. I hope everybody tunes in for this adventure.

What can we expect?

Cody: I can say that Scott will end up with a badass pack, the same people? New people? Old people coming back? I can't say.

So are more people coming back this season?

Cody: Yes, u haven't seem them all. But yeah i can't say to much about that.

So in what episode are you coming back?

Cody: I can't say, or Jeff will kill me. But yeah i will be back for more than 1 Episode, i can say that.

Is there a chance you're going to be in Season 6?

Cody: Do you mean as the main cast or like a recuiring character?

Like the main cast.

Cody: I don't know, i think there's a chance, but the fans might not want it or i might not really fit in. But there's a chance, i would love to.

Hahaha so you would do it?

Cody: Off course, i love the cast and i love the show and i love Brett a lot.

Now to something else, to what kind of music do you listen?

Cody: Normally i listen to a lot of R&B, House, but lately i've been listening to Justin Bieber's new album Purpose. I love the songs.

So we can say you're a Belieber?

Cody: I don't know, but i can say i'm definitly enjoying his music and listening to him. So i might be a fan haha.

So besides Teen Wolf on what are you working?

Cody: I'm working on a movie "The Mafia ain't dead" a role i really wanted to do. It's about a washed-up Italian-American boxer with a passion for the history of the Mafioso convinces his friends to start their own mafia. So i really enjoy that. I'm also doing a Comedy movie called "The thunderers". I also did an audition for a superhero role. I hope i got it. hahaha.

So with Teen Wolf do you know something about the Beast and the Hellhound?

Cody: Yes, i know it's big and badass. The Hellhound is more a mystery we have to figure out yet. I mean the cast. Hahahaha i can say it's going to be badass. I mean like Scott and Stiles are badass. But Kira, Arden Cho is amazing. She's just the best. Haha and then Theo is badass.

We are very happy to get those things from Cody.


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