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Over the Years, the Silver Surfer has pulled off some astonishing feats, and while I don't have room for all of them, These are the ones I consider to be near the top of the list.

Honorable Mention# 1: Rogue passes out, when she touches Silver Surfer. Rogue can absorb a lot of power, but where the Silver Surfer is concerned, he has more than she can handle.

Honorable Mention# 2 Disregards an angry Hulk's attacks, smacks him down, and turns him back into Banner. This happened in Tales To Astonish #83. After acting bored while an angry Savage Hulk pounded on him, He backhands Hulk down, then later proceeds to drain his gamma, and leave him as Banner.

#10 Moondragon hits him with a mental blast, using the mind gem, and it has little effect. The same blast immobilized Professor X. Even the mind gem was not enough to keep the Silver Surfer down.

#9 Ignores Quasars Quantum Powers. The Quantum Bands are one of the most powerful creations, in all of Marvel. To Silver Surfer, they are little more than an annoyance!

#8 Flies through massive vibranium walls at star spanning speed. Vibranium, the stuff that Cap's shield is made of. Harder than Adamantium, and supposedly indestructible. Not for the Silver Surfer!

#7 A Sun dipped Surfer! Silver Surfer flies through the heart of the sun. Not much that can be said about this feat other than that. The dude survived the Heart of the sun!

#6 Speaking of stars, to destroy one is easy for The Sentinel Of The Spaceways! Yeah, Silver Surfer can destroy Stars, at will. Not moons, or planets, but stars. If you have ever wandered how to take Superman out, you could start by destroying the source of his power!

#5 Defeats Green Lantern. Green Lantern is one of DC's most powerful characters, but against the Silver Surfer, he is just another fallen enemy. Now before the "non cannon" butthurt starts, this is MY list, and I am counting it!

#4 Separates Thor from Mjölnir. In their first battle, Silver Surfer was able to Separate Mjölnir from The Thunder God's hand, and it would not fly back to him, when he willed it to. Denying the will of a god, is a pretty big deal, unless you are the Silver Surfer.

#3 Survives Darkseid's Omega Beams. Only an elite few can claim to have done this. In this comic book (The Hunger: Darkseid vs Galactus), Silver Surfer fights hordes of para-demons, punks out the Black Racer, mortally wounds Orion, and oh yeah, survives the Omega Factor, and gets back up, in the next pannel

#2 Destorys Uni-Lord: At the time, Uni-Lord was considered got like powerful. He was a small universe, unto himself. For most characters destroying a small universe seems like an impossible task, left for greater gods, but Silver Surfer turns the tables on Uni-lord, and absorbs the power of millions of souls, trapped within Uni-Lord, using it to destroy him, and his little universe. Not a solar system, not a galaxy, but a small universe! A question posed to me often, from DBZ fans, is give me an example of Surfer absorbing ki. Well according to the official Dragonball website....(Ki is also known as "latent energy" or "fighting power." Which directly translates as "life force.").... In this battle Surfer absorbs millions of souls, which are essentially life force. Another comment Goku fans like to make is, "Silver Surfer is a star buster, at best." This proves both of those theories wrong.

#1 Absorbs and controls the power of the OA central Battery!! The OA central battery. The source of all The Green Lantern Corps power. That's right, Surfer was able to absorb and control it. Nuff said. (Again, all "not cannon" comments will be deleted or ignored).

These are my top ten favorite feats, of the Silver Surfer. There are many others, but these are the ones that I like best. As I stated, in some of the descriptions, I know some of these are not considered cannon, and I don't really care. Like I said, my list, my rules. Feel free to comment, or show me some of your favorite Silver Surfer feats, below.


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