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  • Last week, Greg Weisman, writer and producer behind series like Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Young Justice took part in an online Q & A with fans through Facebook. There, Weisman spoke of the abrupt cancellation of Young Justice and any possibilities for the series moving forward.

First and foremost, the Young Justice producer confronted the possibility of the show’s return. When asked if Young Justice might see a revival, Weisman replied, “I hope so. Brandon Vietti and I would love to do more episodes, and Chris Jones and I would love to do more issues of the companion comic.”

he says it got got cancelled due financial issues and he want to write more seasons but his higher officials of dc too must approve

the rumours behind cancellation of young justice are

1)financial issues

2)young justice toy sales are not utpo expected sales

3)more girls are watching and dc don't want it

what ever may be the reason we want young justice season 3


do you all like to see young justice season 3????/


in young justice all his team mates got aged but he still remain in the same age with same powers do you like to see him grow and increase his abilities


whom superboy should date with miss martian or wondergirl


do you think wally west kid flash is still alive


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