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I'm not going to talk about the popularity of a comic icon who changed the definition of villains forever. He became one of the biggest Pop culture till date, Even the biggest Fan following any character ever seen in the history. In other term if this person, with the same Psychology became real then he may even have his own followers in this beautiful and ironic world.

From a calculative killer to an Epitome of Manic , Joker traveled a long journey. Joker is the most Unreasonable man in this reasonable world. May be that's his pure strength which keep him away from all the hypothetical characters ever seen.

Some people think Joker is based upon the hidden Face of human character, A character which raises question upon the name of Religion, Science, Development or society. Joker just raises question upon the acceptance of batman in most of the cases and rest of the world consider him bad.

Why the creators of "Joker" make him look like a joker ?

Even though he felled in a chemical factory, losses his skin texture and so many other theories but still why he look like a Joker ?

Remember in the childhood this society molded our minds to accept that the most funniest person on the earth was a Joker in a circus dancing and singing like a Buffon, had a big smile on his face and wearing dresses which were too loud and colorful. Even the thought of a circus Joker in a child's mind leave a smile on his face, same case with adults but when the most beloved character people had ever imagined went totally upon a different path beyond their imagination, people started asking why ????????

When someone's pet Dog will start barking more than they expected , people will start asking why without even care that it may happen all the time with other dogs. Another example USA never cared about terrorism until 9/11.

I don't think its wrong, I think it's just human nature. I don't know if the creators of joker did this under insanity or sanity but they challenged the most hilarious and fun loving picture inside a human mind .

When society found the other face of coin, they just flowed with the vibes of Joker in this insane world. Joker became the most logical character on pages because people was relating the same feeling of hatred, jealousy and annoy behind their faces with this character.

People was going against all the teachings of Bible, Koran, Geeta...........n many other religious Holy text which always told our society to hold the hand of good idols but characters like Joker were challenging the mindset of society.

People were always told to laugh upon Joker but no no no no nooooo not this time because the comic book was representing joker in some other manner where people can Understood that the person they were looking at is Joker due to long Red big smile, white skin and colored hairs but people were unable to laugh upon that character and deeds. This character was breaking a wall inside their mind some people felt amazing and some people totally rejected it.

But the most beautiful thing about time is that it teaches us to accept anything.

We also started accepting many things like Satan worship, unnatural sex then sex change( not judging just talking about acceptance) , secularism and socialism and democracy then the worst face of these in the forms of civil rights and division on the basis of political preferences

Lets talk about Stone-age to understand our true colors, Our ancestors were fighting for food then we accept to share. Some really great people came and divided us on the basis of race, religion etc. We accept that and started following the path they had chosen for us. Time passed, We started loving some singer and made them demigods just for the sake of their talents without even thinking what kind of person those were or the crimes like child molestation they did. Just a "Sorry-song" is enough for us to accept those apologies and thought that god send us an angel with such a voice to make us roll our hip.

But still some people have very broader horizon of mind who knows how to control these sheep like people and their was an other grade which raises question upon all these dirty deeds. Second category is far more less acceptable and often considered as fun-killer. Joker is an exception of second category because he's not a fun-killer but yes he does belongs from the second category.

So the acceptance of a crime Lord Joker in the place of a circus buffon is easier and far more better because he was a person who knows how to laugh upon hippocracy of that world, Batman. He wanted to know the authority of Batman. Just want to show people of Gotham that they were accepting batman because they wanted security without even caring about the legality of those services.

Some of the most amazing qualities which define the character of joker is Male chauvinism. Well doesn't that era was a Little more Male Chauvinist than today. How amazing the episode was, when Joker turned Harley into criminal and often beats her just to raise a thumb upon his unpredictability. Harley was also totally mad in love and keep coming back either to revenge or just for the charisma of Mr. J . But maybe Joker is not a male chauvinist, just don't want any kind of permanent deviation from his journey because relationship do made people week in many scenarios .

I'm not saying that joker is "this-or-that" , just trying to put points that what he could be.

Study of two biggest portrayals of Joker

Well many people tried to bring this character live on screen either by their act or by their voices but i'm just going to discus upon two characters here who covers each and every prospective of clown prince -:

1. Jack Nicholson

2. Heath Leager

Jack Nicholson - The Materialistic one

This maybe the Fan- favorite joker based upon the costume, Looks and the Absurd but dark sense of humor. Jack's Joker was the epitome of Male chauvinism which is an integral part of joker and Alpha-males kind people.

Nicholson’s Joker was very human, and had very human motivations. We knew his name and knew his past. However compared to Ledger’s Joker, you can tell that Nicholson’s Joker was more accepting of the fact that he was the crazy one, not the rest of the world. Everything he did was loud and flamboyant.

The rise of this joker started by taking the revenge from his boss and then opening his wings all over the city. But then some Bat came in his way and blown his mind away. Its like Jack's Joker found some other alpha male to be competitive with. Either its the Toys of Batman or the Media coverage jack was amused because of batman.

Jack Nicholsen's Joker was more human than the other version i'll talk later. He paint in Gallery, he put make-up to look better and when its not possible then he decided to change others. If it's romantic talks with Viki Vale or wearing glasses in the end to stop Batman from beating him. This joker cared about media, his dress and what to hear on tape.
That version of joker is more Human and influenced by pop culture at that time like every other human. That was the era for trendy and funky cloths and designs which even leave impact upon Batman also. That was the time when people wanted to hear tale without questioning what are the chances of reality of this behavior in real world.

That joker didn't believe upon any kind of philosophical changes, that joker wanted to become best and even better than batman. Joker was talking about the Competition, Revenge, Money, Beauty, Jealousy and Romanticism.

Jack's Joker is the face of materialistic version of any human being on the verge of insanity .

Heath ledger - Psychological chaos

Heath Ledger’s Joker is one of the most astonishing portrayals of pure manic malevolence in cinema history. It's not a comic portrayal, it's a portrayal of fear in our minds.

Imagine bad people using forces to fulfill their needs like money or power then suddenly someone came and started creating fear among bad people. But it's against the law still people praising the efforts of Batman and consider him a hero even though batman is against the law. This means there is no law or rule. People are accepting whatever beneficial for them.

It's fine when people are ready for accepting for their own good, then why to question.

But what will happen when a group of people want something for which another group is in opposition. At last the only scope remain is to "show who's powerful". This mean all these things are nothing but an Opera at Shakespearean level. Even Shakespeare would be confused upon his statement "World is a stage" .

People changed according to the change in situation so this means there is no perfect side to decide what's right or what's wrong because whatever is right today may become wrong some other day. Still how can batman decide to give another chance by not killing bad people also. Joker is ahead of a curve where he doesn't care about lives in front of his philosophy which he know is true.

Some how deep down inside this challenges all of us also to see if its true or not.

Yes in this version of Joker their is no shadow of male chauvinism because he's already "No strings attached" . He loved his wife once, according to him. He did just the same thing what a romantic person could, but her wife refused to see the prospective which was really meant for Joker.

The story of his wife and father represents the connection he had lost in past due to this delusional society. Maybe whenever Joker said about scars he just meant to tell how he became like this, he meant Psychological scars instead physical scars.

Maybe at starting her wife was a fine lady but when time changes everything changed. There are so many speculations but no one to answer them, its the most amazing thing in this Joker.

"WHy so serious? " its not a phrase but just to ask that if everything is already wrong then why so serious upon this small chaos or a sarcasm to ask "now you'll understand" .

Batman is Bruce Wayne we all know this but not Gotham because it's a movie but about Joker, we know nothing still satisfied, mesmerized and astonished. For him Batman is just an "poetry of hypocrisy" who is against illegal activities with illegal manner, Trying to fill a void inside him by vigilanticism which is completely different from what Joker is. Just like the other side of coin which completes a coin even though its different.

Doesn't batman became an Anti-hero from a Hero with time by changing its rules and way with time. Doesn't the same things happen in society, we grabbed a new job promised ourselves to be faithful to it but suddenly after a while from inside the corruption started either socially or financially . People keep changing so do relationships, so do cheating occurs. (please note i'm not talking about a single person).

Terrorism have their own reasons so do militants, diseases have their own reason, so do the medicinal giants and doctor. We keep searching for some illuminati instead the monster inside us.

Jack and Heath both performed with excellence but people keep comparing both which is wrong because both characters are totally different, apart from a name and a legacy. People keep opposing Heath by saying Heath's joker was not like comic one but the reality is Nolan's batman series was not like comical one. Nolan trying to talk about human behavior by covering it with Cape and Blue suit and a painted face.

Burton's Joker was the story of Joker or his physical projection while Nolan's was the psychological. Those who keep searching the comic book character will be satisfied by Jack's while other will find its way with Ledger's Magic.


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