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In 2014 we officially launched a small creation platform for movie fans, and it has since grown and evolved more than we ever thought possible. We credit the success of the Moviepilot Creator program solely to you, our unstoppable Creators, for the passion and enthusiasm you've put in to your work. You've turned this once tiny platform into one of the biggest, most active creative communities in the world.

Now, with the support of our last major funding round, we want to take your success and help you turn it into something BIGGER! is the result of our ongoing journey to turn fans into influencers, but it doesn't stop there. The platform will be your place to make connections with other like-minded fans, develop your writing skills, collaborate on projects, and take advantage of all the amazing new opportunities we're working hard to bring to you! But enough 'big picture' talk, let's get down to the specifics, shall we? will be your new posting platform, brought to you by Moviepilot. As our community continues to grow (115,000 and counting!) we've heard your call loud and clear: you want to write about more than just movies. We want to support the content YOU care about, so we're investing in new verticals (websites) to house them in. Moviepilot is simply no longer big enough to incorporate all the topics you cover, and rather than deny you the opportunity to branch out - we're turning Moviepilot into one branch on a growing tree of creative potential (wow, deep).

In order for this to make sense for everybody, we built This will be your place to post content, connect with the community and grow your profile and brand. You will still have access to the Moviepilot audience of 30 million fans, and your articles have the same opportunity to be shared as they did before. They will simply start out on, and as per usual the best articles will be shared to the relevant verticals (websites) and social media pages.

We're working on a number of exciting new features to make the best platform available to nurture your creative potential.

We're building a more slick, intuitive Canvas for you to create with ease. We're removing some of the clutter to make room for new tools and customization options. You'll also be given helpful prompts to make sure you're ticking all the right boxes to make your post stand out.

You will have access to our Creator Chat, where you can instantly contact a friendly member of your Community Team, or direct message one another to collaborate on a project, share your articles, or just make some new friends!

You will now be able to see when your post has been shared and to where! No more wondering where those 50,000 overnight views came from- we'll send you a notification to let you know if your post was featured on or our Facebook pages!

You will see some super cool improvements on your profiles once they move to (ETA. early 2016).

There will also be an option to log in to with a custom username (email address) and password, if you'd rather not log in via social media.

We're building in stages, and we want to make sure it's perfect before unleashing it upon you, so you can expect your Moviepilot profiles to be moved to in early 2016.

More Questions?

I'm sure you have more questions about how this will look and what to expect. We'd love it if you checked out our landing page AND the FAQ's, and if you feel there's something we haven't covered - feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]

We're so excited to share this next big adventure with you. As a company we're dedicated to making sure our Creators are at the core of what we do, and we think you'll love what we have in store for you all.


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