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Gal Gadot takes the lead as Wonder Woman in the Amazonian hero's first solo movie next year, and the first official updates have started to be released from the film set. We've had something of a windfall of information lately, and when we put the pieces together with what we know already, the teasers start to paint a bigger picture. But what does all this new info mean for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)?

New Photo Spills Secrets

The first promotional picture for the Wonder Woman movie has been revealed, and it's very mysterious.

First official image from Wonder Woman film
First official image from Wonder Woman film

Wonder Woman certainly isn't flaunting her warrior woman outfit, which implies she might be under cover, or maybe just masquerading as her human alter ego, Diana Prince. What's most interesting though, is the background behind Wonder Woman. That clock tower certainly looks familiar... could Wonder Woman be in London?

Considering the movie is slated to begin in Themyscira, we already knew that this would be something of an epic. Now it looks like Wonder Woman will hop across the pond to visit England to, so the question becomes not a matter of where, but when...

A Decades Spanning Epic

Ever since the movie was first announced, there were many rumours that the Wonder Woman film would span several decades, beginning in the early 1900s with the story ending in modern day. This would be super cool, establishing Wonder Woman as DC's answer to Captain America: The First Avenger, and giving us a bit of a period piece.

Of course, this was just a rumour... until now! Check out this photo of Chris Pine and Said Taghmaoui on the Wonder Woman set.

Sneak peek at the Wonder Woman set.
Sneak peek at the Wonder Woman set.

The costumes look pretty awesome, and they're definitely not modern day. It's hard to pin down exactly which era these clothes are from, but it's a fair bet to assume parts of the film are set pre-1950s. At first, fans theorised that Chris Pine wasn't playing Steve Trevor here, but instead his grandfather. This would mean that Steve Trevor would appear later on in the century, allowing DC to use him in future installments of the franchise.

However, with Chris Pine confirmed as playing Steve Trevor (and no other characters), it looks like he's set to become the Peggy Carter of the DC movie universe. Giving Diana Prince her one true love interest that she ultimately outlives would a nice element of tragedy to the film, and some cool commentary on the loneliness of being an immortal hero.

That's your answer to everything, Diana.
That's your answer to everything, Diana.

But aside from what this means for the Wonder Woman solo movie, this plot point could also confirms a bunch of Batman vs Superman theories about Wonder Woman's role in Dawn Of Justice!

Crucial Justice League Role

There's no doubt that Wonder Woman has a pivotal role to play in Batman vs Superman, especially when we consider how Zack Snyder describes her character...

"She plays a super-important part. In a lot of ways, she’s the gateway drug to 
the rest of the
 Justice League."

Naturally, this has been the subject of much speculation. We didn't get much of a glimpse of her in the Batman vs Superman trailer, but what we saw made her seem very mysterious and probably looking out for her own agenda. Recent theories have considered the possibilities of Diana Prince either working for Lex Luthor or going undercover as LuthorCorp, as leaked set pictures revealed Diana leaving the LuthorCorp buildings.

It's also possible that she could be investigating Lex for Bruce Wayne. This seems a little bit more likely in light of the Wonder Woman movie plot point: if Wonder Woman has been in the hero business for decades, she definitely would have run into Batman, and it's probable the two would have developed a working relationship.

And now it seems as though this plot point has been confirmed: as movie that jumps between several time periods, the Wonder Woman film does seem to be something of a prequel to Batman vs Superman. Just as the first Captain America film set up plots that would be used in the MCU for years to come, Wonder Woman's solo movie is crucial to the history of the Justice League, as well as forming a link between Diana and Bruce, and possibly other heroes like Aquaman. And of course, the decades-spanning setting confirms one theory about Diana Prince: she is indeed immortal, and probably a demigod.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see to find out exactly how Batman vs Superman and the Wonder Woman movie link to each other, but it definitely seems as though Gal Gadot's solo outing will be crucial to setting up the Justice League!

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