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I was reading the comments on the Captain America: Civil War trailer and I love how people form opinions on a movie from just a trailer.Every story since Iron Man (no matter if you enjoyed it or not) has fit into the MCU perfectly, so why not this one?

I for one thought the trailer was amazing and I’m just as excited for this as I was when I saw the first Iron Man. But I love the sour grapes of if all. “If I don’t know the plot, I’ll just make one up from the few seconds of footage I’ve been given and say it sucks”

I cannot lie, for I have been guilty of this. When you grew up reading comics, it's hard to watch someone mangle a story that you enjoyed until you don't recognize it anymore. But I've learned to trust Marvel to give me a good product when it comes to movies. The same way I learned to trust them when it came to comics.Plus you have to look at this like one long story, starting with Iron Man 1 and running through both Civil War movies and Infinity Gauntlet and beyond. Every movie might not be as good as the previous, but each one has a lot of information that will help you understand the larger story. The same way some parts of a good movie aren't as exciting as others, but gives you necessary dialogue. As far as other movie trailers outside of the Marvel Universe, I am very excited for Batman vs Superman. Being that I am a total Daredevil fan boy, (I've even made my own shorts just for fun) I was disappointed in the DD movie and didn't want to see Ben Afleckcome anywhere near acrime fighter'scostume. But after seeing the trailer, my hat is off (something rarely seen) to Mr Affleck and the rest of the cast. I'm looking forward to it , just as much as I am for Star Wars, and of course the movie that sparked this post, Captain America: Civil War.

Carry on.

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