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So with the Captain America: Civil War trailer finally here, it has certainly raised some questions. Which side will win? Who's the big bad villain in this movie? Well, today I'm here to tell you why General Ross is the villain in Captain America: Civil War.

It doesn't take most of the Avengers to take down Zemo

We all know Baron Zemo is confirmed to be in the movie but, if he's the villain is still a mystery. Now normally this would be the kind of villain you see in a solo Captain America film and not in a film with 98% of the Avengers walking around. How skilled is Baron Zemo you may ask? Well, I have the answer. Baron Zemo is known to be a:

  • Scientific genius
  • Master swordsman

  • Skilled in hand to hand combat

  • Skilled Strategist

  • Superhuman Strength

  • Super Speed

So obviously with these abilities it wouldn't take much to bring him down. I mean Scarlet Witch or Captain America himself could take him out. Maybe not easily but it certainly wouldn't take most of the Avengers to do it. So who would pose a threat this big? Well, the only logical explanation I can think of would be:

General Ross a.k.a Rulk

Rulk has been known to hold his own with the Hulk and plenty of other very powerful people like Silver Surfer and we all know how powerful he is, so it wouldn't surprise me that he would be the main villain in this film. In the trailer we know that Ross is the one going after Bucky and is also the one telling Captain America that his actions need to be monitored.

Super Soldier Serum

The super soldier serum is known for giving Captain America his abilities along with Emil Blonsky a.k.a the Abomination. With this registration act occurring, could all the heroes be forced to give up some of their power much like we've seen in the trailer?

But what if General Ross wants something more? Captain America's blood perhaps? Think about it. Since Cap's blood has the super soldier serum in it, this can easily be a way for Thunderbolt Ross to become Rulk!

What do you think?


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