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So when I heard that a Peanuts movie was going to be made by the makers of "Ice Age" I was really worried, however instead of being disgusted by the film I actually had...well a decent time watching it.

Brief Spoiler Free Summary

It's just...Charlie Brown going after the little red head girl and some other stuff thrown in. Unlike the other Charlie Brown movies "A Boy Named Charlie Brown", "Snoopy Come Home", and some other theatrical Peanuts films, this film doesn't have a big plot. It's just a collection of things from past Peanuts specials, comics, and films. And honestly...I like that.

The Characters

First off we have Charlie Brown played by Noah Schnapp ("Bridge of Spies", "Stranger Things", and "We Only Know So Much") and well...what can I really say? I really like the character of Charlie Brown and so I really liked him in the film.

Hadley Belle Miller ("Sofia the First", "Branson the Sitcom") plays Lucy and honestly, while I do like her character, Hadley isn't the best Lucy we've seen but she is still pretty good.

Alexander Garfin ("Law and Order" and "The Next Big Thing: NY") plays Linus and I'm not really the biggest fan of him. He's not a bad character but he's not really that good either, at least in my opinion. That being said, Alexander does do a good job at voicing him.

Bill Melendez technically plays Snoopy and Woodstock. However since he passed away in 2008, they used archived recordings from previous films to voice Snoopy and Woodstock. Honestly, I like that they did this, not only to honor the voice actor of one of the biggest animated characters of all time but to make the film seem like the other films.

The Animation

The animation is the highlight of the film. That's all that really needs to be said. It's such a strange, interesting way of animation that it kinda confuses me, but at the same time I like it. I can only that more films in the future use this kind of animation.

The Cons

Does this film have problems? Yeah but thankfully they don't ruin the movie. My only real major problem is the pace, the jokes seemed to be everywhere. The Peanuts are supposed to have slow humor and some slapstick here and there. Not in your face humor. Now is there any slow humor in the film? Yes there is, but it's not there nearly as much as the in your face humor.

The Verdict

Overall this film is...good. It's not great but it's not bad at all. Overall I'd say this is a damn good film for kids and a decent film for anyone else. If you want a really good Charlie Brown movie, go watch "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" which is still really good to this day.

Thanks for reading and since these characters are really popular, please be civil in the comments. We all have different opinions and we can discuss these opinions civilly. With that said next time I'll be listing off eight forgotten films that may or may not have deserved to be forgotten. And after that I'll be reviewing "The Good Dinosaur". oh boy.


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