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Stephen Adamson

Why do we watch wrestling? For a lot of us, that's a deeper question than you might expect. I mean, most of us know that it isn't real, but there's some element of drama involved that you can't find on the big screen.

Sure, it's scripted, but that script is often better than anything a Hollywood screenwriter could come up with. I would like to offer this compilation of 16 GIFs to present my case for why wrestling is drama in its finest form.

So let's get right to it. In these 16 GIFs, more than just preparing for a body slam is happening... thinking about the human condition is happening as well.

1. When you thought you were going to fail a test, but you somehow passed with a C-

2. When Adele's "Hello" comes on and you need a moment

3. When your "friend" tells you they ate all the Lucky Charms

4. When you get called on in class and haven't read a single page of the chapter being discussed

5. When your mom says "we're not doing gifts this year" around Christmas

6. When you dealt it and someone else smelt it

7. The exact moment when you realize you took ecstasy instead of aspirin

8. When you find out your girlfriend cheated on you... with your dad

9. When you wake up still wasted after a crazy night out partying

10. When a spider drops from the ceiling on to your bed

11. When you get an unexpected sext

12. When you're about to go home from work and you get an email talking about a "quick meeting"

13. When someone tries to tell you your glasses are "too loud" but you actually look fresh af

14. When you finally pass gas after being constipated for several hours

15. When you found out Tyga and Kylie Jenner broke up (haha jk)

16. When you're tripping balls on acid but ask to have more

(Via: Buzzfeed)


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