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It's been a while since I've done this, so please bare with me. I haven't been readily willing to review, and there is no popular demand for my work. However, the need to speak on these million dollar works of art drive my insinuation packed propaganda feed bravado. With that all being stated lets get down to business.


Mocking Jay pt. 2 the second half to the exciting and at the same damn time rather boring Hunger Games series Directed by Francis Lawrence, and staring Jennifer Lawrence as well as a long list of other unwashed massive, Woody Harrelson, and is also the last known (by me anyway) work for the recently deceased Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Kicks off in the minutes of the lesser movie under the same title. Katniss Everdean after being choked damn near to death by her buddy/ lover/ ect ect Peeta Mellark (played by Josh Hutcherson). Peeta is however under the control of "Tracker Jacker" venom so I guess he's not really to blame. Katness is being tended to and treated for her strangle marked vocal chords and is in complete shock that Peeta would do such a thing to her, and it's a fear that is obvious through, I'm going to say, the first half of the movie (which is why I detailed so much of the opening/ending of this and the last movie.)

Now the movie jumps into the main attraction of winning over The Capital and defeating the dastardly President Snow, but first they have to take over or turn the residents of District 2 who control weaponry and hints are the most important and well treated district of them all. Long story short the rebels win and Katness ends up getting shot (I thought it was funny). However her Mocking Jay suit is bulletproof and so she survived and since the whole ordeal was televised she came off as a martyr and it jogged some real memories with in Peeta. So with control of weapons and a living martyr the rebels of the rebellion (note kids: if you use the same word over and over and over.... people understand) seek to win their vision of the ultimate freedom.... AMERICA! (ok, not really although I believe the book does take place in the mid west with the capital being Colorado, or something like that?)

Katness is informed that she would be getting a pass from taking over The Capital. However, we have all long suspected that the girl may be a little suicidal, so she sneaks onto a plane and is neck deep (from a mile away) in the shit. Add newly wed Finnick and later Peeta and it's a celebrity affair. Now the rest of the movie wont be given away, but this is the part when i give you my insight and get called an asshole for it.

Honestly my rant will not be on the movie itself. My issue with this movie is in the book itself. Although the story is well timed and I thank Suzanne Collins for not making this story eight books and a ton of filler long. However Mocking Jay is too short of a book to make it two movies. The movie turned into a very dragged out version of ten chapters. The action and acting where fine however in times it was a little ?too? over the top. I get that Hollywood is all about the flair, but this shit was just out-rag-ous. They had this devise that told them when all the traps where.... hahahah the screen literally had chicken pox.

Gale..... That dude was needy in the book but the younger Hemsworth (that people ACTUALLY give a damn about) loads on the please please love me effect to the point of just being pitiful, and to be honest I still have the same casting issues with who was who I had WAY back in the first Hunger Games film. Gale is supposed to be good looking, not a sex god. and Peeta is suppose to be taller and a little more confident. All and all it's not a debate worth having, and the choices prove antiquate enough, and they beat death in shooting most of Hoffman's scenes although his death obviously had an effect on the final product most notably at the end of the film with the letter he sent to Katness.

If you read the book however you knew almost word for word how this movie was going to pan out. Note worthy enough is my new found love for costume design. The designers really did make a story come to left with paper and colored pencils. Although I was not wow'd by this movie and have not intent to watch it again in the theaters. I will say that it was not a bad movie and is at least worth a chance as a date night flick.



How did you like Mocking Jay pt. 2?


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