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With the Thanksgiving leftovers packed away and family members still looking to bond, there's really no better option than making a group outing to the movie theater. One movie in particular has both wide appeal and a fresh take on a story everyone loves. I'm talking, of course, about Victor Frankenstein, a retelling of the classic tale that stars a dynamic duo in James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe.

After getting the chance to see the extraordinary film, here's four unexpected reasons you'll want to bolt to the theater for a monster of a good time.

1. It's Different

Although this movie is titled Victor Frankenstein (which is also the mad scientist character played by James McAvoy), the story centers on Igor's perspective. And when I say "Igor," I'm not talking about that recognizable character you think you know...

As in this guy, perhaps.

Or, for the more animated-minded among us, this cute little hunchback might spring to mind.

No matter your reference for the character, he tends to look and act pretty similar across different movies.

But, the Igor that writer Max Landis scripted in this story is much different. For starters, he's played by Daniel Radcliffe, whose good looks are not overshadowed by his hunchback. More importantly, though, this Igor is an intelligent being who manages to be emotional, patient, and kind all while enduring rampant bullying for most of his life.

2. The Plot Is Outstanding

The story and plot that this film follows is incredibly original, which is always refreshing for an adaptation of such classic material. Victor Frankenstein is written with such care that it keeps the audience's attention with seamless ease, blending the iconic and the unfamiliar in an unexpectedly exhilarating way. It was not a painfully predictable film as one might expect from a Frankenstein movie, but, by flipping the perspective and putting the focus on the makers, it is rather captivating in its efforts to put a new spin on an old tale.

3. It's Nostalgic

Any classic horror buff is more than familiar with the character of Frankenstein's monster, and anybody who has taken a high school English course is likely familiar with Mary Shelley's influential novel. These purists will not be disappointed by Victor Frankenstein. Though it does create an original story, there are constant and engaging references to the Frankenstein story we know and love. Elements from older films and even the novel are present in an effort to give the audience bits and pieces of things they already know and might expect.

Because, really, who wants to see a Frankenstein movie without this guy?

4. The Acting Is Superb

James McAcoy has already proven his worth as an actor with his work as Charles Xavior in the X-Men franchise, but he expands his versatility in this role as Victor Frankenstein. He captures every essence of this character in such a way that is absolutely endearing and beautiful, while also retaining the more outlandishly crazed traits audiences love in a mad scientist.

Accompanying McAvoy in all his dramatic glory is Daniel Radcliffe. As I mentioned earlier, this Igor is more pensive and thoughtful than the character is stereotypically portrayed, and Radcliffe is more than up for that challenge. For not having been in many movies since his unforgettable turn as Harry Potter, Radcliffe definitely brings a bit of surprise to the table, especially for such a radical different take on a character that is typically portrayed as subhuman and inferior to humanity. Daniel Radcliffe is excellent as Igor and truly tugs at the viewers' heartstrings throughout the duration of the film.

All in all, this movie was absolutely great. It exceeded every expectation that I had going into the theater and definitely warrants a trip to the theater!

So go to the movies, grab some candy, popcorn, a Coke and enjoy Victor Frankenstein, in theaters now!


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