ByTeihani Sagiao, writer at
Chandler Is Beautiful!!❤️

Chandler Riggs is an American Caucasian Actor that I'm in love with❤️ Chandler's full name is Chandler Carlton Riggs. Chandler's full name is Chandler Carlton Riggs. His birthday is June 27,1999. He is one of the main characters in the AMC show The Walking dead. He also is in the movies Mercy, Get Low and The Wronged Man. Chandler is 5'4. He loves horror movies and loves video games. He has a younger 13 yr old, brother named Grayson Riggs and his Instagram is Grayson.Riggs. People that love Chandler probrably already know his Instagram but it's, Chandlerriggs5. He has two YouTube channels and they are: Chair Handler and also CHANDLER RIGGS DAILY. His mom is Gina Ann Riggs and his dad is William Riggs.


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