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Yesterday, the Captain America: Civil War trailer hit the internet, and the internet reacted extremely positively to it (as it was an excellent trailer). Many complaints were voiced though, like:

1.Where is Spider Man?

2.Why isn't there that much Scarlet Witch?

3. Where is Vision?

Here he is. You happy?
Here he is. You happy?

4. Where is Ant Man?

5.We're still not 100% sure how the Civil War starts (I personally think that Bucky was the last straw for people and superhumans need to be held accountable)

6. We're still not sure if the Netflix characters are in it

7. So why exactly is Black Panther there?

8. Who is Martin Freeman playing?

9. Will Ross become Red Hulk?

10. Who will die? Will it be Rhodes?

11. Who will win?

...and much more (I'm actually surprised nobody is asking about Zemo or Crossbones). While some of these are viable questions (especially that last one) and fan theories can be voiced, the way these have been asked in the situations I've seen are with this sense of entitlement that these answers need to be clarified before the film comes out. I loved the trailer, but I wish it'd come out later. People are going to see the film anyway, so what's the point in revealing everything? There are many people who suggest that the superhero genre (and particularly Marvel) are going downhill and getting boring, and I agree to a point, because everything is revealed in the trailer now, so that you can guess what happens. Examples include:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The trailers revealed a still alive Nick Fury and the allusions to Hydra made the Hydra reveal extremely meagre. Not to mention that even if you didn't know who the Winter Soldier was (for some reason), the trailers showed his reveal.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The trailers showed us Nick Fury, proving that he hadn't exactly gone "off the map" and he was actually going to be playing a part in the movie. Not to mention that cast announcements for Civil War and the trailer scene of Scarlet Witch screaming told the audience that Quicksilver was going to die.

...among others

So, I saw something stating that yesterday's trailer was merely a teaser and that the real trailer would hit in December. Undoubtedly though, even more trailers and tv spots will be released after that. We'll see Vision. We'll know who the (again, already confirmed) double agent will be, which has already hinted to being Vision. We'll probably see Spider Man, who is going to be a minor character anyway. We'll see Red Hulk allusions and more Scarlet Witch. We'll have the Netflix characters confirmed to either be in it or not. We'll see more allusions to Rhodes dying. We'll see Crossbones and Baron Zemo. We'll get a blunt and clear explanation of how the Civil War starts. We'll see Ant Man and we'll know why Black Panther is there.

Then when we go to see the film, we'll expect every twist and turn. We'll have seen all the fight scenes and crucial moments. We'll have our expectations at a certain place, and when the movie doesn't give us anything more than the trailers, we'll undoubtedly be disappointed. Even if we try to avoid the trailers, they will be shared everywhere else. Their crucial images will be all over the internet within hours and jokes will be made about crucial lines from the trailers. The trailers should be used to drum up interest, no sum up the film for those who won't be watching it.

Keep the trailers at 3 maximum. One original trailer (ie. yesterday's trailer), one to maintain interest a few months later (around March) and one when the movie is about to come out. Although it could even be done with 2 trailers, with the March one extending over into the the time when the film comes out.

So, what do you think? How many trailers should there be? Is there really any need for multiple tv spots? Do trailers spoil movies for you? Let's talk about it in the comments

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