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Chances are that you've at least contemplated the possibility of a zombie apocalypse once in your life. Maybe you've asked yourself what weapons you would go for first, or what building in your neighborhood you would use as a base. Well, you aren't alone.

While we are preparing for the zom-pocalypse in our universe, a talented fan-artist Kasami-Sensei has depicted what the Disney universe would look like if they had to live in the world of The Walking Dead.

It's no longer just a toy story for Woody, Buzz, and Jessie

Merida's archery skills could rival even the great Daryl Dixon!

What does she have? A life worth fighting fooooor!

Kuzco looks just a little too comfortable on that pile of skulls.

Aladdin's life as a street-rat has probably prepared him well for survival.

Ariel better learn to use those new legs to run!

Pocahontas found a whole new definition of savage.

Maleficent is now a whole new level of evil!

Hades is ready to raise some hell!

Flower gleam and glow, let the zombies die!

Now is not the time for beauty. It's time to release the beast!

Anna and Elsa should say 'Let It Go' to their old life.

And last but not least, princess power!

Would you like to see any of these characters in the zombie apocalypse? I think Aladdin and Merida could do a pretty good job of surviving. Come to think of it, with a little Disney magic, anything is possible for these characters!


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