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Marvel certainly took viewers by surprise this week. Last night Marvel Studio shook things up by releasing the first trailer to Captain America: Civil War. The film will be hitting theaters next summer and will pit Captain America against his fellow avenger Iron Man. The film has been on the mind of fans for quite sometime and now some of the anticipation for Civil War can be put to rest as the trailer gives us but a taste of what is to come.There are many things to take away from this trailer; both in the case of speculation and analyzation. So with that in mind, these are the things that I took away from the first trailer to Captain America: Civil War.

The Main Conflict

Since this film received the “Civil War” title, it was pretty clear what the plot was going to focus on. However, for the longest time, the details to Captain America: Civil War's story have been unclear; but thankfully the first trailer helps to establish the conflict in this blockbuster's plot. The story seems to center on a manhunt for Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier), and Capt's decision to stand by his friend. Along with Captain America's story is also the matter of the government narrowing the involvement of superheroes. In any case, I like this direction that I am seeing in this story. The tension indicated in the preview creates a story that deals with a very grey situation; which I feel is the right move by giving the movie the right tone without needlessly turning favorite characters into villains. Certain aspects about Civil War are still unclear, but this trailer does manage to the draw the line in the sand for the film's overall conflict.

Lack of Zemo

The trailer spends so much time pitting heroes against each other that there is no time to reveal the movie's villain: Baron Zemo. We know that Baron Zemo will be appearing in this film, but what his role is in the movie is remains to be seen. I believe the absence of Zemo in this trailer does, in fact, suggest the Baron's purpose in the upcoming film. I think that Zemo will be manipulating the events of Civil War within the shadows. What Zemo's end game is will likely be revealed at a later date, but I think keeping Zemo in the background could help the villain to stand out from his predecessors. Hydra and Red Skull had such a certain flair to their methods perhaps needs a more subtle approach to his direction in order to make this villain memorable. Nevertheless this trailer did not need to reveal Zemo to get its point across, but that is not to say that this villain will not have an impact in the 2016 film.

New Iron Man Suit

Like the film before it, Iron Man will be donning a new armor for Captain America: Civil War. While the concept and the design did not surprise me, what I did like was how smooth the suit looked in the trailer. What I means is that the effect for the Iron Man armor looks stunning, and it seems that the suit(s) keeps looking better and better with every movie. The suit in Civil War looks like the perfect the blend between cg and practical effects. The astonishing look for Iron Man may be thanks for the film's cinematography, but nevertheless: the effects for the Iron Avenger look remarkable. I can only imagine what the suit looks like in later Marvel films.

Black Panther!

The trailer featured a great deal of returning characters, but among them was a new face. While it was brief, the preview did feature our first look at Black Panther. Black Panther has been confirmed to play a role in Civil War for quite sometime with Chadwick Boseman playing the part. Though the trailer may not have featured any ideas of Black Panther's character, we still get to see him in action as he is seen being chased by Captain America and fighting off Bucky. The trailer give us a glimpse of what Black Panther is capable of; not to mention also showing us the cinematic attire to the character. Black Panther is someone that I am quite curious to see in this film as it will not only be the first time we see this character on the silver screen, but it will also give us a glimpse of Panther's own film; and while his moment was brief, Panther being showcased in this trailer was a good move.

Where is Spider-Man?

While several characters were showcased in the preview, a particular hero seems to be missing in this trailer. It may have revealed a number of things but the preview had no hint or sign of Spider-Man. Spider-Man is set to appear in the MCU with his debut being in Captain America: Civil War. Now this absence of Spider-Man could very well mean that the character's appearance in Civil War may not be a major one (which would be understandable). While that would be disconcerting, there may also be yet another reason for Spider-Man no showing this trailer. Spider-Man will likely be a draw for this film. While he may not be the main attraction for Civil War, the web head will definitely be something that viewers are looking forward to seeing. So with that mind waiting to reveal Spider-Man is the best move right now for Marvel Studios. This way when the studio does reveal Spider-Man, like say in Civil War's full trailer, it will be memorable moment for fans. Like everyone else, I want to see the MCU's Spider-Man;but for now I am willing to wait and the Wall Crawler debut as I know it will be pivotal moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Action

It is no surprise that Civil War is going to be filled with action, and this trailer is definitely proves this point. From chase scenes to big time fight sequences, Civil War looks to have enough action to make any moviegoer happy. While there is a lot of action in the trailer, it does feel like we are seeing just minor bits of this elements (which makes sense seeing that this is the first trailer to the movie). While the relevance of the action will be determine in the film's final cut, if this sequence is any indication:

Then we are in for one action packed movie.

Captain America: Civil War is sure to be filled with a great deal of things. As the film kicks off Phase 3, it is quite possible that this blockbuster will be a game changer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though time will tell just how much impact this Marvel film will have, we fortunately have this trailer to rely on to help sooth anticipation, as well as speculation, for this summer blockbuster.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6. 2016.


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