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It's no secret, or surprise, that Josh Trank's recent adaptation of The Fantastic Four was a disaster. It quickly became one of the biggest superhero flops ever and is considered by many superhero fans to be the worst Marvel-based film ever made. It's one thing to fail with the critics. It's another thing to fail at the box office, too. As a result Fox has canceled the planned 2017 sequel for Fantastic Four and will most likely fill the spot with another project. This is somewhat unfortunate news for Fox, but it's still potentially great news for Marvel and its fans.

There are two possible scenarios at the current moment:

  • Fox may have pulled FF2 from their schedule and simply decided to take more time to rethink the franchise's direction. They have no doubt already fired director Josh Trank, as they should have, and potentially might try a second reboot before the rights to the characters expire.
  • Fox might do something similar to what they did with Daredevil and sell the rights to the Fantastic Four to Marvel. That would give Marvel control over the characters, storylines, casting, etc.

So, what happens if Marvel regains control over Fantastic Four?

Marvel has been ridiculously successful and there is no disputing that. Seeing what they have done recently with their Netflix partnership regarding Daredevil and Jessica Jones, there's no question that if they got their hands on another new franchise, big things could happen. They've already acquired Daredevil and Spider-Man, so Fantastic Four could very well be next.

Personally, I think Fantastic Four would be a great candidate for a new Netflix series. Marvel already did the unthinkable and turned an epic failure (a.k.a., Fox's Daredevil) into a great television show. The characters are spot on, the situations are dangerous, and the format fits because you don't have to rush into things and cram a bunch of backstory into 120 minutes. We all know the origins of the Fantastic Four. We don't need another origins backstory story for these characters, don't need more Doctor Doom, and we certainly don't need a bunch of lame special effects. Jessica Jones proved you can have a stellar series without wasting a lot of time on the past. You can drop enough hints and give just enough backstory to the audience to make it satisfactory without wasting a majority of your time, or an entire movie.

However, seeing that Marvel took the predictable route with Spider-Man and it giving us the third origins story in under 15 years for Peter Parker, they might take the same route if they secure the Fantastic Four. With three failures on Fox's hands regarding these characters, they might decide to cut their losses and strike a deal with Marvel similar to what they did with Daredevil and what Sony did with Spider-Man.


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