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There is a saying that "no story is an original story." Whether we are talking about Hamlet in the park or the newest Power Rangers movie, every tale can harken back to an earlier iteration at some point in history. However, originality can still stem from the storyteller's perspective on the given tale or, in this case, movie. Stories featuring icons such as James Bond, Superman, and Frankenstein, will forever be a part of the cinematic landscape. These are characters that continue to morph with the times and may never completely disappear from the popular consciousness. Screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle) and director Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin) took on the task of modernizing the Frankenstein story for yet another generation, and the result is Victor Frankenstein.

Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in 1818, and there are a plethora of reasons that the tale has endured for centuries. There is something elemental at the core of the story about tampering with life and the unknown, a topic that continues to captivate audiences to this day. Victor Frankenstein stars Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy, as Igor and the title character respectively, both being brought to life in daring new fashions. Here are a few ways that Victor Frankenstein revitalizes the legendary story.

1. Blending Genres

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was written almost 200 years ago and has inspired an incalculable amount of adaptations and deviations from the original story in both TV and film. Finding a new approach to the tale of the obsessed, God-forsaking scientist attempting to create life is an unenviable task. Victor Frankenstein is a unique blend of action, humor, and a steampunk atmosphere. The combination checks all of the boxes of the what you would expect from a Frankenstein story, but the movie doesn't feel like any other previous iterations and manages to set itself apart.

2. Igor Begins

While the movie is titled Victor Frankenstein, it could have been more aptly titled Igor Begins. Daniel Radcliffe trades in his Harry Potter glasses for a puss-filled hunchback, in a role that seems unenviable on paper but manages genuine moments of glee.

We see the film from Igor's perspective, and his origin story is at the center of the film. The unique take on the material is clear from the moment we are introduced to the character as a bullied circus performer. Radcliffe is the first voice we hear in the film, and he throws himself into a role that would be a challenge for any young actor. For those concerned about him being typecast, this movie is another great sign that he will be able to craft an identity well beyond Hogwarts.

3. The Dynamic Duo

Frank and Igor go way back like homeruns and reclining chairs. They are the Batman and Robin of the Victorian period, and this fact does not escape either screenwriter Max Landis or director Paul McGuigan. In fact, the chemistry and pairing of McAvoy and Radcliffe is the backbone of the film. Their Victorian era bromance gives the movie its spark and is easily one of Victor Frankenstein's biggest draws.

The movie also does not gloss over the unbalanced and potentially abusive partnership that they have. In most iterations of the tale, Igor is essentially an indentured servant to the doctor, not his equal partner. Watching how the power dynamics of their relationship evolve over the course of the movie is a fun and often unexpected part of the ride.

What was once old will be new again. And that saying holds true for Victor Frankenstein. You certainly won't find another movie—or even Frankenstein story—quite like it.

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