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No one can deny the fact that Pixar movies are the best! The Good Dinosaur has come out this week and I went out to see it and it was another good Pixar film on the mantle. Pixar knows how to make a great animated feature and make it appeal to everyone. These movies are called perfect, as some of them are, but they can be ranked. So, here's the worst to best Pixar movies! Remember, all film is subjunctive and this is my personal opinion!

16. Cars 2 (2011)

This may be one of the only movies here on the list that I actually didn't enjoy watching and overall don't adore. What makes Pixar great is that it appeals to all audiences, it gets a big message across bigger than the movie itself, and most importantly, it almost makes you bawl by the end. This movie was made for the sole purpose of merchandise! The plot structure is absolutely crap as the movie is about cars that race in a tournament, and this is what the first one was about, the second one just rips off the first one except that they go 'international' to sell some more car toys.

This movie doesn't appeal to anyone to the age over six and sober. Pixar movies aren't called kid movies until you watch this one and you want to blow your brains out! Don't forget to mention that this movie is not creative at all. Also, there is no real message throughout the movie; come on guys, I don't think anyone cried after this movie unless your crying at the fact that Pixar actually made a bad movie that five-year-olds don't even like!

15. Cars (2006)

Like I said, the two Cars movies are the least beloved movies in the whole Pixar line. This movie is watchable and as it is one of the lowest of the Pixar movies, it is a lot better than a lot of other crappy animated movies. There is an actual message across this movie that winning isn't everything. The problem is, this movie was also a 'toy shelf' and did not appeal to non-toddlers. The film had some unique ideas and was clever at parts with a laugh here and there, the movie just didn't meet Pixar-standard. Pixar is known to take risks with their movies, and they usually succeed. This one was not necessarily a success, if so, barely and its sequel just copied it. The worst part is that they are making a Cars 3, I really don't know why Pixar would want to do that.

14. Brave (2012)

I know a lot of you are going to disagree with me about this one, but my goal here is to express my opinion and explain why these movies fall in these slots. Brave is like Cars 2 in the fact that it feels like an average kids movie, not Pixar. When I was watching The Good Dinosaur today, I had to think about if this was a Pixar movie or a Disney Princess movie. Merida and the rest of the characters have the most annoying accents you will ever hear and you are sitting in the movie theater questioning on what Pixar has done. At least in this movie, though, it has a deep meaning across the movie like the rest of the Pixar movies. It was very intense at parts, but was not a big hit, at least to myself.

Pixar made the movie have a female protagonist that was simply bad-ass. It looks like Frozen did a much better job! Superhero movies have had the same problem giving their female heroes their own films, sorry Black Widow fans. Hopefully, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel will fix the trend of absolutely shitty female solo films. It looks like Supergirl is doing very well on TV, can it work with movies?

13. A Bug's Life (1998)

The problem with A Bug's Life is not even how it is very childish but the fact that the movie is very forgettable. I mean, do you remember anything from this film? This is probably one of the most films I have ever forgotten and it does not keep up with the rest of the Pixar magic. At least it was better than Antz!

12. Ratatouille (2007)

The movies from here to #1 are true Pixar movies. These are the movies that appeal to all audiences, it gets a big message across, and some may make you cry. Ratatouille is a great film where Pixar made a huge risk making. The concept of the movie is so simple but is so much bigger than it actually is. The movie touches you in the heart and makes you want to go have some French food.

11. WALL.E (2008)

Now, let me explain myself on this one. WALL.E was a very good movie that was very cute, but it was as cute as it was overhyped. This is probably the most overhyped Pixar movie. WALL.E has found his way to the number 1 spot on other people's lists, but not mine. This does not mean WALL.E is a bad film because WALL.E is amazing!

10. Monsters University (2013)

Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters Inc. The first time I watched this movie last year, I thought it was better. Now that I stand back, I realize that Monsters Inc. is better. This is a college movie for kids and it just doesn't have the emotional weight of the first movie, but it is fun in its own style.

9. Up (2009)

Another overrated movie is Up. The reason the movie is so overrated is most likely the fact that the beginning sequence is probably one of the most heart-touching, sad moment in all of the Pixar movies. When you look at the rest of the movie, it's good and all, but does not compare to the other top Pixar movies. One thing is that it is definitely not a horrible movie but a very good one. Up is a great adventure and is a Pixar classic.

8. The Good Dinosaur (In Theaters Now, 2015)

Probably the most visually-stunning film out of all the Pixar films is The Good Dinosaur. As I watched this movie for the first time yesterday, I know how emotional it really felt watching it for the first time. Arlo and Spot had the cutest relationship and watching them on screen was fantastic. The movie felt very familiar from the death of Arlo's papa to the mood of the movie, Pixar still made it work very well. The shots of the scenic view from the mountains looked so real, it looked like the views I would see when I go hiking. So, if you have not seen this movie yet, I recommend you go out and see it.

7. Inside Out (2015)

This movie is the definition of Pixar taking risks. A movie about the human emotions is as destined to fail as much as a Jar- Jar Binks solo film, and Pixar were the people to succeed. This movie wasn't just good but it was amazing and it made us feel (no pun intended). This movie made critics weep and truly hit us right in our own emotions as we watched Pixar map out what happens in our head.

6. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

This is where the movies become classics and will go down in history. Monsters, Inc. takes our childhood fantasies of 'monsters in the closet' a real thing. The movie will hit your heart and your funny gland every time you watch it. This is the average Pixar movie with a mixed audience, a bigger message across, and it makes you cry. Those three points make a Pixar movie.

5. The Incredibles (2005)

In 2005, Pixar made a superhero movie and it was so good, this movie is put on lists with The Avengers for the best superhero movies. What makes this movie work so well is just the fact that it works so well. One of the most fun Pixar movies in the bunch to watch, this may be the best superhero movie not made from Marvel and DC and/or not based off any source material. The movie is so well received that we will be expecting a sequel soon in 2019.

4. Finding Nemo (2003)

It can't beat the Toy Story movies, but it is the closest thing to it. Finding Nemo is a great classic with well-developed characters, a great plot that entertains all audiences, and is heartfelt. This Pixar movie may be the best blend of adventure and comedy that Pixar has ever offered making one of the best animated movies of all time. Get ready for the spin-off, Finding Dory, swimming to your cinema next summer!

3. Toy Story 2 (1999)

No one can deny that the Toy Story trilogy are the best Pixar movies. Toy Story 2 may be the lowest of the three movies, but it ranks higher than the rest of the Pixar movies. This is where Pixar stepped up their game and inserted a cry in every one of their movies, or at least tried to. This continued what we loved Toy Story and made another classic. One of the only problems with this Toy Story is that it is a little forgettable, besides that it is great.

2. Toy Story 3 (2007)

This Toy Story can easily be #1 on any given day as it is very close with #1. Not much can be said besides the fact that Toy Story 3 will make you cry over and over again. This proves that not all Part 3's are bad. It is so fun and takes the original Toy Story and almost tops it, but doesn't.

1. Toy Story (1995)

No surprise here that Toy Story is the #1 Pixar movie. The first film that Pixar ever made was so good that it boosted off the studio making a dozen of classic animated films. Toy Story mixes comedy, adventure, action, and making us cry. This is a great film for everyone and gives off a great vibe being one of the best buddy comedies and the best-animated film of all time! The best part is that in 2017, they are making a Toy Story 4!


What is the best Pixar movie?

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