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This weeks episode is about about Kanon and Rex as they have to work together on a rescue mission.

Ezra and Commander Sato are looking for a missing ship and are pulled out of hyper space by a ship that looks similar to a star destroyer. Sabine tells them that it is a Gravity Well that the empire was working on. Hera suggests that Kanon go on this mission with Rex because they would be the best fit for this kind of mission.

Kanon and Rex have to use one of their ships to sneak inside of it as well as disable the weapon from capture other ships. They both are always at odds with each other but of course know what their main goal is on this mission. Rex remember the old clone codes that gets them on board bypassing the security. While Kanon uses the Jedi mind trick to get passed the guards and Chopper finds the location of Ezra so they can get there.

Ezra, while being transferred easily escapes guards by getting his lightsaber and in the middle of the fight accidentally knocks out both Kanon and Rex. They split up as Ezra goes for the core that powers the gravity well and Kanon and Rex go to save Sato. Ezra gets caught and Chopper goes to shut off the gravity well, Ezra has to fight off trooper with no gravity.

Kanon and Rex engage in a frefighter with troopers and break Sato out of his sell and try to meet up with Ezra. Rex separates himself from the group and tries to slow down the troopers but is caught in the process. Kanon goes after Rex to try and save him and Ezra takes out a hallway of Troopers. Kanon prevents Rex from being killed and they create a new escape for themselves by using the escape pods.

Sato and the rest of the crew escape but as they are escaping the empire tries to use the Gravity Wells on them. It turns out that Choppers sabotaging on the Well not only worked but also brings in everyone ships into the well, including the Empire's own ships. This causes the Star Destroyer to explode and the group escapes back to base just find, just as Agent Kallus comes up to the wreckage. While our crew go back with a successful rescue mission behind them.

I really like the banter in this episode, especially between Kanon and Rex, you can see their friendship come into its own and how their team worked was really effective against the storm troopers. There was nice character development in Kanon on how he has come to really trust Rex and see him as a friend. The pacing was really good as well, the episode seemed to have flown by based on how fast things moved in the episode. I also liked the idea of the Gravity Well, but I have a feeling it won't be showing up again. If it does it would being on a bigger ship, like on the Death Star or something like it.

Can't wait for the next episode and to see where the story goes to next.



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