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Don't know if this is sleep paralysis but,I had a dream ( no I'm not m.l.k) thati was on an abandoned ugly ship in the middle of an epic Violent seastorm in a infinite dark cold ocean, the ship was capsized by a strange giant tentacle, it also grabbed my foot. I was pulled away from the ship & dragged to the darkest, coldest, scariest, spot at the bottom of the abyss, I was told in a deep dark demonic voice , "pray for me", it demanded that I pray to it. Before the ship was capsized I knew I was going down so I took 1 final breath before going under. With the only air bubble ihad left, I told it that I will never pray to it,(in a brave voice) only God & my savior Jesus (both one & the same) it immediately screamed at me horribly but let go as if holding on to fire. I also think it was spiritual.

Once a giant snake tried to eat me once. It ate certain friends who where just standing still getting swallowd (in the dream) the snake try to get me but I punched its face & fought back. It didn't get me. I was awakened by a phonecall . all the people in the dream where busted by the dea .all but me. Of coarse I had nuthinto hide but I think someone tried to lie their way out, usin me as scapegoat, didn't work. I also have been dragged around & slammed around by something grabbing my leg, all I could see was a evil ugly strong arm coming from a deep blackness blacker than black, almost like sucked in light on how black it was. It slammed me around the room by a leg. It really really, really fucking hurt, wen it was done, (awoke) stuff was still rollen around the areas I was slammed, I was alone...


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