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"When we went to Comic-Con on the first year when we had no idea how long [Grimm] would run, we said, 'If we ever get to episode 100, we'll answer the question about the keys,' never thinking we'd actually ever have to answer because what show ever goes to 100? Then when we got to 90 and 91 and 92, we go, 'Uh-oh, we'd better figure out what those keys are.' So, I mean, we always had an idea, but now we had to actually do it. But yeah, we're going to deal with the keys in 100."

So said Jim Kouf, creator and executive producer of NBC's supernaturally popular folklore series Grimm. A bit of an oddball contender Grimm has regardless proven its staying power, with a strong and loyal fanbase being built up beneath the show over the years. Running now since 2011, the cop show with the fairy tale twist has gone from strength to strength and now is approaching a milestone in any show's history, and one that many fail to reach...

The 100th Episode

Yep, the 100th episode, entitled Into the Schwarzwald, is set to drop as episode 12 of the now airing Grimm Season 5. The cast and crew have been keeping details about the special episode pretty close to their chests, but now we're getting little details coming through about it - and have you seen the cake!?

So as Kouf said, the 100th episode of Grimm will finally answer the big question that fans have been asking ever since Marie Kessler (Kate Burton) gave the literal key to the kingdom to her nephew and Grimm descendant Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) - what are the Seven Keys?

The Seven Keys

So far we've learned a lot about the keys, if not yet everything. The Seven Keys belonged to seven knights - the ancestors of the current day Grimms - and back in the 12th century these seven knights worked for the seven Royal families.

During the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople the knights came into possession of a mysterious and powerful treasure which they decided to keep secret and for themselves instead of passing it along to their employers. They hid the treasure and made a map printed across the sides of the Seven Keys, and each knight took a key, and eventually the keys were thought lost across history.

Five seasons later and the keys have served more as background motivation than as any real narrative icons, we don't even know what the treasure is supposed to be. According to Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) it is an artifact so powerful that it would allow the Royals to rule the world, but even they don't know exactly what it is. Legends of myth and religion have suggested that it could be...

  • Muhammad (the prophet)'s sword
  • the secret of alchemy
  • the key to immortality
  • the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus and/or pieces of the cross itself

Where Are They Now?

As it stands the Royal families currently have four of the seven keys in their possession, a feat that took them 600 years to achieve. Nick is doing much better time-wise as he now holds two of the keys, one received from Marie and another from Rolek Porter (Sam Anderson) during Season 3.

Only one remains missing, and likely it's going to show up during the 98th and/or 99th episodes as they're entitled Map of the Seven Knights and Key Move respectively.

Finally, the 100th episode is set to feature a road trip with Nick and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), according to EP/director Norberto Barba:

"Nick and Monroe go on a big trip because of the keys, and they find where the keys are. We see what the keys fit and we find out what's in that, and it's mindblowing. It will change things."

Can't wait.

The 100th episode of Grimm, Into the Schwarzwald, is set to air March 4th 2016 on NBC.


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