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Black Friday: the day after Thanksgiving when retailers announce huge discounts and the whole of America descends in a terrifying mass that can probably be seen from space. Most of these ants are in fact parents, battling other parents for toys most pined for by their kids that season.

For those of you that were kids in the '90s, you'll no doubt recall the below 5 toys. These were the gifts our parents had to brave Black Friday for, for without them our little lives would be nothing... or so it seemed.

1. The Power of the Force

In 1995, the first Toy Story movie dropped the day before Thanksgiving prompting a resurgence in old time favorite toy, Mr. Potato Head.

Sky Dancers, the flying dolls, became the first 'girl' toy other than Barbie to top international best seller lists, and Black Friday shoppers grappled to get their hands on a new variation of Star Wars toys.

2. What a Muppet

One million Tickle Me Elmo's were purchased throughout the festive season, with one Tyco Preschool spokesperson reportedly estimating that they'd totally sold out by 10am on Black Friday. Parents were going nuts to buy one of these giggling creatures, and can you blame them? So mad, so CUTE.

3. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

A New York Times reporter warned parents after Thanksgiving, “Plan on suffering if you have yet to buy a Sing and Snore Ernie.” Real words indeed, as Tickle Me Elmo proved, Sesame Street products were hot topics in the '90s.

And, although Tamagotchi's had been terrorizing the youth with their constant shitting and dying (mine, anyway) since September that year, they still remained on the Black Friday NEED list.

4. U-nye-boh-doo? (That's Furbish for 'how are you?')

These manic creatures grabbed kid's interest as their fascination with digital toys grew throughout the '90s. In 1998 Furby's were the must-haves, with one Manhattan store selling out its 200 stock within minutes.

5. I Choose YOU

Pokémon: The First Movie was dropped in North America two weeks before Thanksgiving in 1999, and thus as the frenzy for these Japanese pocket-monsters grew, parents really did have to catch 'em all.

Check out this '90s Burger King ad where they were giving away limited edition gold plated trading cards!

Those were the days, ey?

And if you're hitting the shops this Black Friday, don't forget to pack your angry eyes, just in case...

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