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Sadly, many seemingly idyllic relationships have the disarming ability to fade into nothingness thanks to the trials of time, but alas, the impulsive inkings celebrating the rose-tinted glory days do not.

Just like us mere mortals, plenty of celebs have fallen into the trap of literally wearing what they once thought was their one true love's name on their sleeve and the list below documents their often ingenious attempts to hide the times they weren't so lucky in love.

1. Johnny Depp

Who was it for? The now infamous tattoo was for Depp's then girlfriend, Winona Ryder.

What did it used to say? The tattoo used to read 'Winona Forever' (oh the irony!)

How did they solve it? In typical Depp style, Depp had a small portion of the tattoo removed and altered so it reads 'Wino Forever.' He still rocks the ink to this day.

But we'll always remember their time together as Edward Scissorhands and Kim:

2. Angelina Jolie

Who was it for? Angelina was inked in dedication to her former hastily married husband, Billy Bob Thornton.

What did it used to say? St. Ange kept it simple, with Billy Bob's name and a little dragon who, in my eyes, appears to be doing the Soulja Boy 'Superman' dance.

How did they solve it? When Angelina and Billy Bob split, she had the tattoo laser removed and dedicated the spot to a love that will never fade: her children. Each line features coordinates that detail the birthplaces of both her adopted and biological kids.

3. Melanie Griffith

Who was it for? Melanie Griffith's husband of almost 20 years, Antonio Banderas.

What did it used to say? The tattoo simply read 'Antonio' in an embellished heart.

How did they solve it? Griffith has been gradually having the tattoo removed and the results look pretty impressive so far!

4. Kaley Cuoco

Who was it for? Kaley Cuoco got inked as a sign of dedication to her now ex-husband, tennis star Ryan Sweeting.

What did it used to say? The roman numerals on Cuoco's back spelled out the date of the pair's ill-fated wedding.

How did they solve it? Cuoco had the date covered up with a gigantic moth, because metamorphosis... or something.

5. Nick Cannon

Who was it for? Nick Cannon had his ex-wife Mariah Carey's name emblazoned across his back.

What did it used to say? Despite the amount of space it took up, the tattoo simply read 'Mariah.'

How did they solve it? Not a man to do things by halves, apparently, Cannon covered his entire back with a huge crucifixion scene to represent his faith.

6. Christina Aguilera

Who was it for? Christina has removed more than one regrettable tattoo in the past, but the one in question was for her former husband, Jordan Bratman.

What did it used to say? Aguilera's tattoo reads 'I love you always' in Spanish ('Te amo siempre'). She also has what she thought were the Hebrew letters for husband's initials, but the tattoo was misspelled. To a modern Hebrew speaker, it actually reads as the number 12.

How did they solve it? Aguilera is gradually having the tattoo removed.

7. Heidi Klum

Who was it for? Klum's tattoo was dedicated her ex-husband, Seal.

What did it used to say? The symbols on her arm used to spell out Seal's name in a rather cryptic font.

How did they solve it? Klum erased Seal's name, but she kept the four stars that represent the couple's children together.

8. Marc Anthony

Who was it for? Marc Anthony got his ink to sow his love for his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez.

What did it used to say? The tat on Marc's wrist read 'Jennifer.'

How did they solve it? Anthony had the tattoo covered up with an asymmetrical pattern and added to the ink gallery around it to detract attention from the area.

9. Amber Rose

Who was it for? Amber Rose added to her already impressive ink collection for ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

What did it used to say? The tattoo was even more of a commitment than words; it was a beaming black and white portrait of her ex-husband's face.

How did they solve it? Rose had the tattoo covered with a bold, bright floral design.

10. Eva Longoria

Who was it for? Eva Longoria had not one, but three tattoos devoted to her ex-husband, Tony Parker.

What did it used to say? Longoria had their wedding date on her wrist, his jersey number on the back of her neck, and his initials in a private, undisclosed location (ooo!).

How did they solve it? After a few years of sporting the blotchy marks of painful tattoo removal, Longoria's ink is all but gone.

11. Denise Richards

Who was it for? Denise Richards sported a tattoo in honor of her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, for a few years.

What did it used to say? The tattoo simply read 'Charlie.'

How did they solve it? Richards eventually covered Charlie's name with a dainty and colorful fairy.

(Source: Gossip Cop)


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