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*Possible DC Spoilers lie ahead!*

We all know that DC has exploded recently with some incredible content, including fantastic television shows such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and the next spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow. Not to ignore the great movies they've been promoting, including: Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and of course Suicide Squad.

Truly the DC vs. Marvel war has never been more competitive, but even with all this amazing content just on the horizon, it turns out DC has so much more planned for the future!

Having decided against the single massive universe in the manner Marvel is pretty keen on, DC is free to utilize characters in movies who already have prominent roles in television programs.

This serves to protect the integrity of shows such as Arrow and The Flash, while avoiding the hinderance of not being able to use fan-favorites already involved in other projects.

So which superheroes will DC be devoting their next movies to, and why will they be good?

1. Birds of Prey

With the Wonder Woman movie getting serious press, it seems DC is putting its money behind yet another massive female-driven project: Birds of Prey, which has in the past included heroes such as Black Canary, Catwoman, Hawkgirl and Huntress.

This could be a fantastic venture for DC, as it would give them the opportunity to introduce a number of characters in one movie, rather than a series of solo projects.

A Birds of Prey movie would be a great step for DC, simply due to it being a break from the norm. We've had a few superhero team-up movies from various origins over the last few years, but never featuring a primarily female cast with characters we either haven't been introduced to on screen, or who haven't had a chance to shine.

2. Green Lantern Corps

First of all, we have to mention Ryan Reynolds's 2011 Green Lantern movie... okay, done, let's move on.

During this year's Comic-Con, Warner Bros. announced that they're considering a reboot of the classic DC space-cop franchise, which will theoretically be realized in 2020.

Collider has speculated that the newest Green Lantern movie could be centered upon two or three human Lanterns, with a greater focus than the previous Green Lantern movie on the Green Lantern Corps themselves.

Consequently, instead of following a single Lantern, we could see a movie -- or movies, which include Jon Stewart, Hal Jordan, and Guy Gardner.

This could be a fantastic move for Warner Bros. and The Green Lantern, an iconic DC character whose reputation has been tarnished by one sub-par movie. Perhaps, like Aquaman, the once-awesome DC hero needs a serious re-brand in order to regain former glory.

3. Teen Titans

There have been rumors bouncing around for years about an impending Teen Titans movie, which I'm sure would be welcomed by fans, but so far no official announcement has been made. Recently, Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood spoke up in an episode of Collider Heroes, in which he said:

"From what I'm hearing... DC's going the team route. Justice League will be their all-stars, Suicide Squad will be the villain team, Justice League Dark is their misfit team, and then Cyborg bunched up with the Teen Titans could be the teen team, and they're even thinking about an all female cast."

As previously stated, DC is looking to depict more superhero teams, which could be awesome. However, sources such as ibtimes announced early this year that TNT is working on a live-action Teen Titans comic book series.

Supposedly the series will involve characters such as:

  • Robin, who will presumably become Nightwing
  • Barbara Gordon, a wheelchair-bound computer whizz
  • Hawk and Dove, superheroes empowered by the lords of order and chaos
  • Raven, a half demonic tele-empath
  • and Starfire, the flying alien princess

Although it seems that the show is underway, DC has made it clear it's keeping its TV and cinematic universes separate, so there's no need to rule-out a movie. Also, with TNT and the CW both under the Time Warner banner, could this lead to a crossover with Arrow and The Flash?


Which of these movies would you most like to see on the big screen?

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