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Recently on Reddit, a comeback plan of the late Michael Jackson was brought to light.

Around 2007 or 2008, Michael was considering headlining an elaborate Vegas show. So elaborate in fact, that as part of the marketing of the project, a 50-foot robot version of Michael would have been built that would roam the Arizonian desert like some lost juggernaut. The creation would have even been able to shoot laser beams from its eyes; a truly cutting-edge piece of architecture and technology.

It would also be the first thing that tourists flying into McLaren airport would see, with the aim to garner interest and promote the Vegas tour.

Alleged robot designer Andre Van Pier had put together schematics and blueprints of the colossal architectural challenge that had got as far as being presented to Jackson.

Luckman Van Pier (Andre's partner) once said the following to New York Daily News:

"Michael looked at the sketches and likes them … It would be in the desert sands. Laser beams would shoot out of it so it would be the first thing people flying in would see."

When you think about it, this kind of comeback plan is completely fitting to Michael's pre-existing legacy.

To promote the HIStory album and tour back in '95, a handful of statues of Michael were created. In Europe, 10 of these statues were built out of steel and fiberglass (around 20,000 lbs.) and were placed in different countries. In the UK, one of the statues was towed down London's River Thames, and in Berlin a statue was lowered by cranes in front of Alexanderplatz. In Prague, the statue used the pedestal of a destroyed Stalin monument.

Also check out the HIStory teaser where a gigantic statue of Michael is unveiled to an adoring crowd:

It's completely crazy.

The other reason why giant robot Michael could have been a fitting idea was because of the movie Moonwalker. Do you remember that horrifying scene at the end when Michael all of a sudden turns into a really threatening, giant flying robot?

Well, here it is anyway (Michael's transformation starts around the 3:45 mark):

I'm sure if we get enough fans to rally together, we could still make giant desert titan Michael a possibility, perhaps as a very fun-spirited way of commemorating the superstar. Considering his love for theme parks and fantasy, we're sure Michael would prefer something like this as a memorial!

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