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So since Gilmore Girls came out back in 2000, 15 years ago WOW!

I have watched this show too many times to count, but I can say the lines word for word to give an idea. Id say I'm not one of those people who watch just a couple episodes at a time Im the one who will spend an entire day and night laying around watching episode after episode then the next season and so on.

When I bought the last season I watched it straight away and I've always thought that the ending of Rory and Logan was a horrible way to end it, the excuse of her saying no was about her mother, every realationship she had always had some fault from Lorelai. Anyway it has always felt unfinished to me that it kinda just got forgotten about and kicked to the back of the room, but then the rumours started coming out that they will be filming Gilmore Girls AGAIN! but the cast hasn't been confirmed of the same characters. It's really no shock usually when these sorts of things happen the actors who originally played don't want to because they don't want to go back or they can't because of their family's.

In my opinion the show will not be the same without the leading ladies, we all know that since Gilmore Girls Melissa McCarthy has become a big star I have watched every movie she has been in and everytime I watch her in movies I always think of Sookie. What are the chances that Melissa will come back and play sookie? She might have grown to much over the years to play her again? We can only hope though can't we?

The big question though is will Scott Patterson be returning? I think I speak for everyone when I say both Luke and Lorelia have always belonged together! Luke is my favourite character, though when he didn't tell Lorelia about his daughter I was gutted he went through all those years of waiting then ruined it with the most simplest mistake. But then again they always came back to each other the episode that Lorelai needed to find a new car and telling Sookie that they were fighting like it was a bad thing but really it's what they do.

Back when I was a teenager I started my DVD collection and one of my first TV seasons was Gilmore Girls from then on I've been hooked, It sure is one of my favourites.

This show needs a bigger and better ending, Lorelai and Luke finally getting married Rory and Logan getting back together and she's a big writer for the New York Times. It just needs a finish I think everyone can say wow such a great show great ending!

But this is just my opinion, I've thought about this for years I've just kept it to myself.

Thanks for having a read my first post so hope you like it.


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