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It's true! Your search for the perfect gift is over. What else could a horror fan want for Christmas, than to own the rights to Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave?

The producers of the 5th ROTLD sequel, are apparently having some issues with storage space forcing them to sell the elements, rights, negatives and prints of the movie. Our guess is that they are making room for other things...

In unprecedented fashion, they opened an auction on eBay giving rich zombie fanatics everywhere a fair chance at bidding for the bargain asking price of $50,000.

The movie itself is about a college student that creates a party drug called 'Z' and inadvertently resurrects the living dead. Although the zombie flick was not well received by critics or the world, a richer me would consider bidding for the movie anyway, just to have the pleasure of saying 'I own the rights to Rave to the Grave.' Boom.

Check out the movie trailer here...


Which is your favorite movie from this zombie franchise?

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