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And still we await, adrift in an ocean of time, anxious for any news about the air date for Rick and Morty Season 3, assumed to be arriving sometime in early 2017 (but hopefully sooner).

It's pretty obvious from the outset that Rick and Morty was created as a parody of Back to the Future and wider sci-fi conventions (and you can read more about that here if you wish). But since that's the case isn't it a little odd that we haven't seen any time travel going on? In all the wacky adventures and crazy shenanigans that the titular characters get themselves into it is a little surprising that time travel hasn't shaped the narrative of any of those adventures yet.

Will We See Time Travel In Season 3?

Nope. Because there's a very specific reason that show creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon haven't included it. Remember Season 2, Episode 1 - A Rickle In Time?

Not exactly a time travel episode, it does however deal with the ramifications of Rick pausing time at the conclusion of the Season 1 finale - Ricksy Business - so that he, Morty and Summer could clean up the house destroyed by their party before Beth and Jerry returned home.

A Rickle In Time saw a paradox caused by messing with time causing time to split into separate realities, which multiplied until Rick was able to fuse time back together again, though not without several hiccups along the way...

"BEEP you God! Not today, bitch!"
"BEEP you God! Not today, bitch!"

There was a larger point to this adventure though, as Roiland and Harmon pointed out in a CBR TV discussion:

Harmon: "Time travel is a real shark-jumper. Once you introduce it to the canon of your show — it’s just a dangerous toy to pull out."
Roiland: "Here’s what’s great about the first episode of Season Two is that it’s a cautionary tale of why you don’t fuck with time. And by the way, Rick never travelled — none of them travelled in time — all they did was pause time."
Harmon: "It fractures time so they’re in a space where they have become theoretical instead of real."

Rather than utilise the concept of time travel, which they consider too powerful and too narratively complicated to use as a part of their show, they subvert and point out the flaws with using this particular plot device.

Roiland: "We wanted to tell a story of why we don't do time travel on the show and why time travel is a fucking nightmare and just a complete fucking mess."

The fact that we're not going to be seeing Rick and Morty travelling in time anytime soon is again reinforced by a box found in Rick's garage. On a shelf in the garage there's a box labelled "TIME TRAVEL STUFF", which suggests that Rick either has travelled in time or has at least toyed with the idea before before shelving it. It's a running joke highlighting the fact that you'll never seen time travel in Rick and Morty, as Harmon points out:

"The joke is that [time travel] is on the shelf."


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