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Now, whatever you may think of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise – and fans around the world have, for the past few years, made their mixed feelings abundantly clear – there's one element of the movies that pretty much everyone seemed able to agree on: Andrew Garfield made a pretty darned solid Spider-Man.

Some may not have been able to let go of Tobey Maguire, and others may have struggled with the casting of a British actor in a quintessentially New York role, but for most fans, Garfield's Peter Parker was a revelation – one which, for many, stood in stark contrast to the more problematic elements of the Amazing Spider-Movies.

And, as it turns out, brand-new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man, Tom Holland, seems to agree.

Tom Holland Really, Really Likes Andrew Garfield's Take on Spider-Man

So much so, in fact, that he recently revealed to Digital Spy that:

"I haven't [met him], but I'm a huge fan of Andrew and he's said some lovely things about me in the press the other day...He did such a good job as Peter Parker and it's really difficult not to copy him because what he did was so perfect and obviously there are going to be things that I might steal but I hope we get to meet and even work together in the future."

Which, it seems, might just suggest that we're set to see a fair chunk of what Garfield brought to the Spider-table replicated in future Spider-movies. Which is most likely one of those 'really good pieces of news' we hear so little of nowadays.

The big question now, though?

What Else Is Holland Going to Bring to the Role?

Well, from the sounds of it, the most striking difference between the two Spider-Dudes could well be the sheer physicality that Holland looks set to infuse his Peter with. As he recently told the Irish Examiner, his past acrobatic training may just have played a big part in him winning the role. The reason? His audition tapes were all filled to bursting with somersaults:

"I basically did a somersault into frame and a somersault out of frame and I was like, ‘They may never see this but if they do I need them to know that I’ve got some gymnastics abilities and stuff'...And every tape I sent in I always did a little acrobatic demo to try and convince them to give me the role."

Which, if the awesome stunt-filled videos he posted to Instagram earlier in the year are any guide...

...would make a whole lot of sense. After all...

...Holland clearly has some seriously Spider-ready gymnastics chops...

...suggesting that the folks over at Marvel Studios most likely liked what they saw in his audition tapes:

In other words?

There's a pretty solid chance that Holland is set to be the most visibly 'gifted' Spider-Man yet, with his own gymnastic ability seemingly likely to be showcased on screen at some point.

The most plausible Peter Parker yet, perhaps?

What do you think, though?



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