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(Warning - the following contains potential, speculative SPOILERS for future episodes of Arrow - and conceivably The Flash - courtesy of a member of the shows' cast. Proceed with mild caution and such...)

Now, if there's one thing sure to drive devoted fans of as well-loved a show as Arrow crazy, it's the implication that we're about to see one of our favorite characters killed off in tragic, revenge-prompting fashion. When that implication is also combined with a mystery, though, it tends to result in less anger, and more frenzied speculation.

It's not too surprising, then, that Arrow's big, grave-side tease - that someone close to Oliver is about to be killed off - has stuck around as a major source of fan theorizing. After all:

We All Want to Know Who's Going to Die

Right down, as it turns out, to the Arrow cast themselves. Y'see, the identity of the deceased character in question is apparently so secret that even Arrow's actors don't have a clue who it is - and according to David 'John Diggle' Ramsey himself, they're aching to find out just as much as we are. In fact, as he recently revealed to EW, the mystery - and its potential to kill off any one of the supporting cast - has had some knock on effects on the workplace in general:

"It makes for a great work environment, doesn’t it? You’re on your best behavior... It’s like I used to be late to set, now I’m not. I asked. I wanted to know. Is Diggle dead? Is it me? They didn’t tell me."

Ramsey does, however have a few ideas about who it could - or couldn't - be.

So, Who Does Diggle Think the Deceased is?

Well, here are his thoughts on a handful of key cast members, as told to EW....

First up?


Ramsey's Verdict: Safe

"I just can’t see them messing with that relationship... Also, I don’t even know if [Oliver] would be able to talk if it was Felicity. He would just be so broken."


Ramsey's Verdict: Safe

I just can’t see them putting the father through that again... He already lost a daughter, then he thought he didn’t lose a daughter, then he did, then he didn’t again. Putting poor Lance through all this stuff."


Ramsey's Verdict: Safe

If you take Thea, his whole family is dead except for him!"


Ramsey's Verdict: Safe

"I know who it’s not... I don’t think it’s Lance. [Oliver] was really, really upset about it. I mean, he likes Lance, but he doesn’t like him that much. He was really wounded by this death."

Someone From Oliver's Past

Ramsey's Verdict: At Risk

"It might be someone from the past, or someone who we don’t know of that comes up and ends up being very important to Oliver and he loses that person"

Someone From Earth 2

Ramsey's Verdict: At Risk

"It throws me off because Grant [Gustin, aka The Flash] shows up and they have this twin Earth, this Earth-Two story going on, it’s like parallel universes... Is that what that was? It’s very tough. The writers are so good. Now since you have introduced metahumans, time travel and parallel earths, it’s an infinite amount of possibilities that could be in that grave."

And, finally?

Diggle Himself

Ramsey's Verdict: Safe (Probably)

"I would think that Diggle would have more in terms of the military ceremony... There would be flags in place. You would think that, but maybe the flag was out of frame, so it could be Diggle."

The big question now?

What do you reckon?

via EW


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