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(Warning - mild visual SPOILERS for Arrow and The Flash's upcoming crossover episodes may lie below. Proceed with whatever mild level of caution that suggests is wise...)

Now, the first part of Arrow and The Flash's epic, Legends of Tomorrow - setting up crossover event may be edging ever closer - it's just a few days until we get to see the December 1st episode of The Flash (with Arrow's half of the story following the next day) - but that doesn't exactly help to curb the over-excitement we're all currently trying to deal with.

What might, though, is the fact that...

We Now Have Even More Images From the Crossover to Look at

In fact, thanks to the good folks over at EW, we can now flash our peepers at shiny new glimpses of what I can only assume are eight new spin-off shows, including...

CSI: Star City


Savage Love

Hawk People

The Flash's (Surprisingly Offensive) HBO Comedy Special


Superhero Team-Up Squad: All Action Go Now

And, of course...

The Arrow/Flash Staff-Holding Hour

All of which I would totally watch.

What do you reckon, though?

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